Chromebooks Take the Lead as a Mobile, Flexible Solution for the Healthcare Industry

The healthcare field is facing new challenges constantly —perhaps now more than ever. Accordingly, technology is evolving to help medical professionals and caregivers meet patient needs and serve their communities best.

One major shift in healthcare is the increased need for flexible, portable devices that allow care workers to access crucial software applications quickly and readily regardless of where they’re located. One such example is Google Chromebook.

The Growing Popularity of Chromebooks in Healthcare in 2022

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on the Chrome OS operating system, which is based on Linux. It enables users to access the applications and data they need while on the go, whether they are online or offline. These lightweight devices run on Google Chrome OS and are designed to be fast, reliable, durable, and secure.

These characteristics combine to make Chromebooks an attractive option for the healthcare industry. Chromebooks were already in use prior to 2020, but the skyrocketing need for remote and mobile devices for healthcare workers and the workforce in general increased the demand greatly. In fact, over 35% more Chromebooks shipped in 2021 than in 2020.

Chromebooks might be just what the doctor ordered for the health industry in 2022. There are many benefits of using Chromebooks in healthcare, including:

However, Chromebooks are not without their challenges: namely, the ability to run Windows applications and other existing or legacy software that may be critical for patient care.

Turn Chromebooks into Powerful Healthcare Tools with Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS

Since Chromebooks are designed to run web-based or browser-based workflows on Chrome OS, they do not come out-of-the-box with the ability to run Microsoft applications or other software that may require the Windows OS or MacOS.

Parallels® Desktop for Chrome OS is designed to solve this problem easily and effectively while also providing the ability to switch between Chrome OS and the Windows environment effortlessly.

See how one healthcare organization used Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS to empower their workers with the full potential of Google Chromebooks and the power of the Windows ecosystem from a single device.

Top Benefits of Parallels Desktop for Chrome OS in Healthcare

With healthcare organizations migrating to the cloud to manage everything from patient data and electronic healthcare records (EHRs) to crucial software applications, enabling the use of devices such as Chromebooks and associated software applications that facilitate this process have become essential.

While Chromebooks are powerful tools on their own, additional applications like Parallels Desktop for Chrome can take them to the next level, providing benefits such as:

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