Coherence Mode: Aka, What is that Blue Button?

You may have noticed a new feature in screenshots of Parallels Desktop 11 and Parallels Desktop 11 Pro: that little blue button next to your close and minimize screen buttons? It’s our Coherence Mode button!

Coherence Button

(It turns out the Coherence Mode button doesn’t always have a bunch of yellow stars around it—but I am a pretty big fan of it, so I thought it could use a little more fanfare.)

I pop in and out of Coherence a lot. At my desk, I like to keep Windows on one monitor and Yosemite on another—it’s much easier to go back and forth, and I know exactly where something is going to open. When I undock and am working directly off of my MacBook, I would rather be in Coherence and have everything look native and fluid.

Rather than going to Parallels Desktop at the top of my Mac menu bar, Views, and Exit Coherence, I can just click on a button and it’s that simple: I’m back with everything running in Windows. The Coherence Mode button saves me a few extra steps. Anything that will make it faster for me to pop between work emails and back to my Dragon Age rumor forums deserves a few extra sparkles!

How do you like the Coherence Mode button? Share your thoughts with us in a comment, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. Meanwhile, if you haven’t upgraded to Parallels Desktop 11 yet, here’s why you should!


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