The Real Difference Between Apple People and Microsoft People

Featured image courtesy of Digital Trends.

David and Goliath. Kirk and Khan. Harry and Voldemort. Bitter rivalries can permeate more than pop culture—perhaps none more so than the unrelenting standoff between Apple and Microsoft.

In fact, the companies themselves even reinforce this idea. We’ve seen it play out over the years, woven into their marketing messaging: Mac users are creative and free-thinking, PC users are boring and complacent—according to Apple. On the flip side, Microsoft paints Apple fans as sheep who flock blindly toward anything and everything Apple does, while their own users are smarter, better spenders, and infinitely more tech-savvy.

But are the rivals’ users really that different?

According to this infographic from Business Insider and Ranker, the opinions of Apple fans and Microsoft devotees definitely diverge on some things. Check it out:

Apple fans vs. Microsoft fans - Business Insider Infographic

Despite what seems like an inevitable match-up between these tech titans, here at Parallels, we’re firm believers in both Apple and Microsoft as companies and creators—that’s why we invented Parallels Desktop, after all.

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