A Focus on Five New Features in Parallels Desktop 17

In exciting news, Parallels® Desktop 17 has been released! I have had the good fortune of getting to take it for a test drive and truthfully, have been using it (happily) for several months now. Better yet, I have been showing (off!) Parallels Desktop 17 to the technical press around the world over the past few weeks, thanks to the virtual capabilities of Microsoft Teams and RingCentral

In short, I created a quick video to highlight a few of my favorite new features in Parallels Desktop 17, which I have also shared with the press. To keep the video succinct, I chose only five features from the vast round-up of compelling additions. Everything in the video was done on an M1 MacBook Pro running a beta of macOS Monterey. 

The five features I chose are: 

  1. Faster launch and graphics speed 
  1. Windows apps running in Windows on ARM 
  1. Drag & drop text and graphics between Windows applications and Mac applications 
  1. Graphics speed improvements in Windows games 
  1. The Recognize Text tool in Parallels® Toolbox 5.0 

You can watch the video here (I kept it to under five minutes!). 

There are lots of other features in Parallels Desktop 17 that will surely knock your socks off. Stay tuned to the Parallels® blog for future articles with detailed explanations and demo videos of all these new features. 

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