WhatTheFont! The Magical Font Identifier Application

I have already noted in an earlier blog that I am a self-professed font addict. And, when I see a really impressive font being used, I want to learn the name of that font, and where it can be purchased. (Not kidding.) This happened to me when I was reading the July/August 2021 issue of Wired. A sample page from Wired showing this font is in Figure 1. (The article text has been blurred to keep all the lawyers happy.) 

What the Font
Figure 1_A page from Wired

So, what is the name of this font, and where can I get it? 

I first looked at the colophon in this issue of Wired, but that didn’t help. I considered emailing the Wired staff, but I suspected this would either take too long or I would never get a reply at all. 

But then I remembered the app WhatTheFont, the magical font identifier, and its associated webpage. To use this app, you need more than a single glyph from the font, so I captured several pages from the Wired article, and got the image you see in Figure 2, in which I made sure all the glyphs were on the same baseline.  

What the Font
Figure 2_Preparing the image for WhatTheFont

Figure 3 shows the query to WhatTheFont and the result. 

What the Font
Figure 3_The WhatTheFont query and result

Five minutes later I had purchased and download the Parsek font. I am one happy font addict. 

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