How our Director of Corporate Communications uses Parallel Desktop

Most people think software like Parallels Desktop is just for coders, developers, or those tackling highly technical tasks.  

Think again.  

As Director of Corporate Communications at Alludo, I know how important it is to stay at the forefront of the industry using advanced technology for communications. It isn’t just an advantage; it’s a necessity.  

I discovered a powerful ally in Parallels Desktop—a tool that has revolutionized how our communications team experiments with new applications and technologies.  

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Parallels Desktop is my secret weapon

I oversee all aspects of global public relations and analyst relations at Alludo.  

My team collaborates closely with cross-functional teams to develop and execute strategic plans that promote Alludo and its sub-brands. 

While not a coder or developer by trade, I am very interested in tech and am committed to leveraging the latest technology to produce better outputs more efficiently.  

For me, Parallels Desktop has unlocked an unexpected avenue of productivity and exploration. 

One example: I’ve been eager to investigate AI tools to help me manage the substantial volume of content that I deal with as part of my job. I love experimenting with different tools, ensuring that my capabilities keep pace with AI innovation. But there’s a problem: My Mac quickly gets cluttered with apps I might never use again.  

Worse, some of those apps might not be entirely secure, and that could cause significant problems, introducing bugs and complications that would affect my M1 Mac.  

Fortunately, Parallels Desktop offers a solution that easily sidesteps these concerns.  

When I’m venturing into new tools, I always install a macOS virtual machine (VM) in Parallels Desktop on my Mac. With Parallels Desktop, creating a virtual machine is surprisingly straightforward—just a few clicks away. 

Right now, I have a VM installed with macOS 12 Monterey. It was super simple to set up as it’s part of Parallels Desktop’s installation assistant. 

The concept of a virtual machine might sound complex, but at its core, it’s a self-contained environment that allows users to run an entirely separate operating system within their native system.  

Here’s where the magic of Parallels Desktop as a technology for communications professionals truly shines.  

By isolating the AI experimentation within a virtual machine, I can fully immerse myself in the exploration process, free from the concern of unintentionally affecting my Mac’s performance or stability.  

Any issues are entirely contained within the virtual machine.  

Once I finished experimenting with an AI app, or if the app doesn’t meet my expectations, I either shut down the virtual machine or delete it completely, ensuring that my Mac remains clean, organized, and safe. 

For me, it’s a game-changer to have a virtual machine serving as an isolated environment.  I imagine it like having a secret room inside my Mac. I can explore and test without negative impact or the need to clean up. I can play and learn and not worry about the risk or mess. I close the door when I’m done, and everything returns to normal. 

This protection isn’t simply theoretical. At one point, I did download an app that had uncertain security.  

But with Parallels Desktop, I enabled high security settings within the virtual machine, ensuring that my Mac remained completely unaffected.  

One of the best parts of Parallels Desktop, as a technology for communications professionals, is its ease of use. It’s extremely straightforward, even when setting up an entire operating system in a virtual machine.  

Although I have a solid level of technological literacy, Parallels Desktop really is for everyone. One of my coworkers’ 9-year-old sons regularly uses Parallels Desktop! 

That’s not an accident.  

Parallels Desktop’s interface is designed with user-friendliness in mind. That means you don’t have to be steeped in technical intricacies to harness the benefits of Parallels Desktop to elevate your work.  

It takes the intimidation out of virtual machine creation and integrates seamlessly with your workflow.  

Go ahead—create, learn, explore, and level up your skills!

If you’re savvy enough to use a computer at work, you’re savvy enough to use Parallels Desktop. And with Parallels Desktop, you can dabble in uncharted territory without fear.  

Parallels Desktop democratizes the benefits of virtualization, making it possible for people with a broad range of skill sets to operate technology like an expert.  

So, go ahead: Innovate with agility. Experiment without risk. Stay ahead of the curve—without the steep learning curve. 

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