Holiday Shopping Made Easier: Google’s Enhanced Mobile Search

I have a confession: My favorite iPhone app (second to Parallels Access, of course!) isn’t something sexy or cool like Instagram, Evernote, or Pinterest—it’s Google Search.

What can I say? I’m one of those people who Googles anything and everything constantly, whether it’s the name of that guest star on whatever show I’m binge-watching on Netflix or where to find the best breakfast burrito in Seattle. In addition to being my favorite, Google Search is probably the app I use most. I’m a big fan of function and form, and Google does both very well.

If you haven’t downloaded the Google Search app yet, you may want to now—especially if, like me, you’ve yet to get all your holiday shopping done. Need more motivation? Google updated its search engine right before Black Friday to optimize the user experience for smartphones and tablets.

New features include extra information in product searches, such as user reviews and where an item is available, all accessible without having to hop into Google’s Shopping tab. That alone warrants a Matthew McConaughey “Alright alright alright” from power users.

Gif courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

Gif courtesy of Yahoo! Movies

Another really sleek feature is the option to view some products using a new 3D, 360-degree rotation tool. See it in action, below, after searching for Google’s Nexus devices:

Gif courtesy of Mashable.

Gif courtesy of Mashable.

Best of all, all of these added features will pop up during a regular search, so they’re the epitome of user-friendly. Considering that shoppers are still “showrooming” in spades, this is well-timed from Google—multitasking during holiday shopping just got even easier.

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