How to Use the New macOS® Mojave Screenshot Tools with Parallels® Desktop 14

This is one of a series of blog posts about the new features in Parallels Desktop 14.

Parallels Desktop has a long history of bringing cool Mac features to Windows and Windows apps. Features like Mac gestures in Windows apps, Retina resolution for Windows apps, and Touch Bar support for Windows apps. Parallels continues this tradition by bringing the new Mojave screenshot tool to Windows apps with Parallels Desktop 14.

There are two ways to take screenshots:

1. Use the “Take Screenshot” Menu in Parallels Desktop

For many years, Parallels Desktop has had the menu item, Take Screenshot, to screenshot the desktop of your virtual machine (See Figure 1).

Take Screenshot menu

Figure 1_ The Take Screenshot menu item in Parallels Desktop 14


If you are using Parallels Desktop 14 on a Mac running Mojave, then this menu item will automatically use the new Mojave screenshot feature, showing a thumbnail of the screenshot in the lower right corner of the screen, enabling mark up of the screenshot prior to saving. (See Video 1.)

2. Use the New Mojave Screenshot Tool with Parallels Desktop

Mojave includes a new screenshot tool which appears as an on-screen widget. (See Figure 2.)

Mojave screenshot widget

Figure 2_The Mojave screenshot widget

If you are using Parallels Desktop 14 in Coherence View on a Mac running Mojave, then this widget will enable you to take a screenshot of a single Windows application. This works even if the Windows application is partially occluded by other Windows or Mac applications. (See Video 2.)

Have you upgraded to Mojave yet? Let us know in the comments.

If you want to take a screenshot of a Windows application on a Mac, please feel free to download a free trial of Parallels Desktop for Mac.

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