Parallels Toolbox 6.0 released: Network Usage tool!

The original Parallels® Toolbox for Mac, version 1.0, offered 20 tools. Six years later, Parallels Toolbox offers more than 50 tools, including the new Network Usage tool released on both the MacOS and Windows platforms. 

It fulfills several needs and offers new features and functionality that will further enhance your Parallels® experience. Read on to learn more and watch a video of the Network Usage tool in action. 

Key use cases  

If you need to track usage and performance to keep your network running flawlessly or to monitor traffic in real time for security reasons, then this new tool is a gamechanger.  

Monitoring network usage can make troubleshooting or determining the source of an issue easier, or otherwise help identify, locate, and solve problems before they arise. This tool also provides data that can be used to improve your organization’s IT operations and environment, enabling IT teams to make enhancements or overcome challenges successfully.   

Key features and functionality 

This new tool tracks network usage while it is running by making the current download and upload speeds visible in the Menu Bar (Mac) or in a floating panel on the desktop (Windows). This information is also included in the Parallels Toolbox agent via the tool icon. 

Download and upload speeds can be viewed in bits or bytes, and if there is no internet connection, the tool will show an exclamation mark. Clicking on the tool opens a new window that displays the total data transmitted that day (including uploads and downloads).  

The same tool also tracks data usage by individual network. Therefore, if you use multiple networks in a day and/or have limits on data usage for specific networks, you can monitor it automatically on the new Parallels Toolbox 6 Network Usage tool.   

Network usage statistics can be tracked over time by using the Export option to export the full daily upload and download totals per network per day/time period.  

The Network Usage tool is also connected to built-in system utilities if you need to investigate any unusual activity or change network preferences.  

Check out the new Network Usage tool in action!  

Want to try the new Network Usage tool? Download a free trial of the latest version of Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows. Let us know on  Facebook or Twitter if you have any suggestions for additional tools that you would like to see in Parallels Toolbox.