Parallels Desktop 11 Update2 Highlights

Parallels Desktop 11 Update2 Highlights

Parallels Desktop 11 Update 2 was just released. While the update is recommended for all users, there are some new features especially for Pro users and Business users. I list some of the highlights in this blog post.

But first of all, for everyone here is how to get the update:

Figure 1_Get any update for Parallels Desktop

Three Highlights in Update 2

1. Windows 10 Developer VM from Microsoft

For Pro users, the New VM Wizard now has an additional button.

This button downloads a large VM from Microsoft with lots of developer tools pre-installed, including

Did I mention that this VM is large? The download itself is over 18GB (Of course it is compressed, but it is still 18GB.) I have a pretty good Internet connection here at home, but the download still took 5 hours! It is automatically uncompressed to become a 43GB VM.

Before you even boot this VM, I suggest you set the profile to Software Development. This will automatically increase the number of virtual processors and amount of virtual RAM to higher values.

Figure 3a_Set the profile to Software Development

Figure 3b_The higher CPU and RAM settings on my 16GB iMac (1)

You can get more details on this VM from Microsoft on their Developer web site.

2. New Developer tab in the VM Settings

The settings dialog – where you set the amount of RAM for a VM, turn on or off various security settings, etc. – now has a Developer Settings tab. The settings shown in this tab depend on the guest OS in the VM. The image below shows the settings for my Ubuntu VM. For a Linux VM, these settings enable you to

Figure 4_The new Developer Settings tab in the Configuration Dialog

3. New Parallels Portal features for IT admins

The Parallels portal provides IT admins with the ability to manager the licensing of Parallels Desktop Business Edition.  New features in the portal include:

Of course, Parallels Desktop 11 Update 2 also contains changes which address issues reported by customers, which is why the update is recommended for all Parallels Desktop users.

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