Parallels Desktop 14 System Requirements

Parallels Desktop 14 System Requirements are fully listed below. We encourage users to read them thoroughly to understand the capabilities prior to downloading or buying our product. Users may be pleasantly surprised at the incredible performance of Windows, Linux, and other popular operating systems on their Mac® with Parallels Desktop. 


Check your Mac hardware to ensure you can run Parallels Desktop without experiencing future issues. We’d love to make sure you get the most out of Parallels Desktop and the virtual machines you create.

macOS Minimum Requirements to run Parallels Desktop:

Guest Operating Systems Supported as Virtual Machines within Parallels Desktop:

*Parallels Tools are not available for this operating system.

**Only the one downloaded with help of Installation Assistant.

Note: Parallels Desktop for Mac emulates PC hardware, so operating systems that are not present in this list can work as well. They are not on the list because our engineers have not tested them in our lab yet, or we found some critical issues and cannot confirm compatibility.

You can download the Parallels Desktop trial and install an operating system of your choice. If it doesn’t work and you believe it should be supported, let us know at Parallels Forum.

Need to migrate your PC to a virtual machine in Parallels Desktop?

Note: Virtual machines that were created in Parallels Desktop 3 or 4 and never run in any other version are not going to work in Parallels Desktop 14.

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Parallels Desktop for Mac Trial Download 

Parallels Desktop is the #1 award-winning solution for running Windows on Mac for over 10 years. Are you curious to see if your specific non-Mac application can run through Parallels Desktop? Try it out for yourself—download a free 14-day trial.

Happy virtualizing! Feel free to reach out to our team on Twitter @ParallelsCares or Facebook @ParallelsInc if you have any additional questions or concerns. We’re happy to help!

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