Parallels Desktop and Productivity


How Parallels Desktop Simplifies Business Structures 

Parallels Desktop® for Mac Business Edition helps companies organize business operations and supports increased productivity and flexibility for employees. With virtual systems, companies can save money on hardware and organize software license distribution. 

Mobile and Flexible Work

Use case: Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition helps IT departments make mobile work possible for their business. At companies without mobile equipment and devices, IT managers can offer employees preconfigured VMs quickly and easily so that they can work securely. This keeps work data and private data separate, making issues such as data privacy and application software license management significantly simpler for IT.  

Many companies have desktop computers at most or all of their workstations and therefore find it hard to set up work-from-home workstations or flexible working models. One way to solve the problem is to turn private Macs into work PCs. IT department can provide employees with a VM that offers all of the required software. This makes software and system license distribution easier in complex scenarios where company-issued and private computers are located both in the office and at home. 

Simpler Management 

IT departments that provide employees a work environment via a virtual machine can offer many options for managing these virtual machines with their own policies, as well as install managed updates and define further rules for how the VM should operate. IT employees can also use Parallels to ensure access control to systems via a running VM. 

The new “auto-deploy” function to distribute prepared VM images automatically and assign Parallels Desktop licenses comfortably via the company’s Parallels account helps IT departments save time every day. This means fewer resources are needed and costs are reduced thanks to clever license management.  

Less Hardware Needed

Parallels Desktop saves many companies costs incurred for additional computers. Companies can save money by replacing the necessary Windows systems with virtual machines. A good example of this is the hardware required by a company’s developers. They often need different systems to test their software. VMs take the place of physical computers for each system, saving money and space. Another application for VMs in software development is the closed environment 

With Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition, companies can provide all Mac users the ability to work seamlessly with Windows applications, use a secure “work” VM, or separate their private data from their business data on their own Mac.