What’s New in Parallels Toolbox for Windows Update 1.1?

Whether you’re a PC or Mac® user, you can get tasks done with a single click with Parallels® Toolbox. Parallels Toolbox for Windows is a go-to resource for accomplishing daily tasks—at a lower price than even a single competitive utility. Everyone from computer newbies to business pros can save time and effort by using this well-designed set of tools. Read about what tools are included in Parallels Toolbox for Windows.

‪”Parallels‪ Toolbox is the MacGyver knife for Windows and Mac,” says Larry Magid, tech journalist for CBS News.

Today, our engineers released Parallels Toolbox for Windows 1.1. We are proud to present a lot of new cool features that make working on your PC even easier.

Parallels Toolbox für Windows

New Features

1. Preference to select output files location:

Parallels Toolbox für Windows

2. Option to save screenshots in different image format

3. Add delay to screenshot tools

4. Add delay to video capture tools

Parallels Toolbox for Windows

5. Configurable time for “Do Not Sleep”

Parallels Toolbox for Windows

6. Sound file size option for Record Audio

Parallels Toolbox for Windows

7. Better “launch at login” behavior – added “Launch” button in the tool

8. Size selection for video screen recording

9. System-wide shortcut for a selected tool

Parallels Toolbox for Windows


All-Time Favorite Tools

Parallels Toolbox is free for users of all editions of Parallels Desktop® 13 for Mac. It is also available as a standalone product for $9.99 per year for Windows or Mac. This price includes free updates of additional tools our engineering team is excited to provide to you!

Feel free to try Parallels Toolbox for Mac, as well as Parallels Toolbox for Windows! Let us know in the comments which tool you like the most.