Customer Story: Photosynth on Mac with Parallels Desktop

The following post is a customer story submitted to our Advocacy program by Marc L. We are incredibly thankful to Marc for sharing his story with us and allowing us to share it with you. Read on for Marc’s experience choosing and using Parallels Desktop.

This week, Parallels Desktop user Marc L. explains how he uses Parallels Desktop. Marc is a writer for an auto-dealer magazine and uses Parallels at home to run a 3D photography app called Photosynth. The application features “synths,” which are a collection of overlapping photographs that have been automatically reconstructed into a 3D model of the space.

According to the Photosynth website, the “synthing process solves the same problem our brains are confronted by when we look at the world: the slight differences between what our left and right eyes see gives us cues about how far away different parts of the scene are. In a similar way, the differences between two photos taken from nearby positions can be analyzed to determine which parts of the scene are close, and which are further away. Amazingly, the synthing algorithm can reconstruct a scene of 200 photos in just five or ten minutes on an average laptop.”

Here’s a quick peek at one user-created synth as an example:

capela de são sebastião – ouro preto – mg – brasil by rolling_drone on photosynth


Photography has almost always been a hobby of mine. My favorite places to take pictures are large public parks and sidewalks where there are lots of people moving around; it’s the action that makes a shoot interesting, dynamic, and challenging. I just do it for fun, but lately, I’ve been exploring 3D apps, like with the glasses and everything…it’s really cool what you can do with all of the new technology that’s available. Problem is…I prefer to do everything from my iMac, but Photosynth is a Microsoft program and does not support Mac OS X, so I can’t use the Direct3D viewer (which is built using DirectX—a Windows-only technology). The fix? I’ve been using Parallels Desktop one or two times per week since 2010. I love it and have even installed Parallels Access on my phone.


Big thanks to Marc for sharing this experience with Photosynth on Mac with us and for giving us the opportunity to share it with you. If you would like to share your story with us, click here. Alternatively, use the comments function below, or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.


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