Parallels Desktop: A versatile product management tool for productivity and play

If there were a universal job description for “Product Managers,” it would probably say something like: wear a million hats, keep a million plates spinning and a million balls in the air, all at the same time, ALL THE TIME. Oh, and find a versatile product management tool to help you be more productive.  

We can almost see heads nodding in agreement around the world. 

Effective product management demands dynamism, lightning-fast productivity, and the ability to pivot on a dime. It also hinges on using the right tools. Perhaps no one knows that better than Dmitry Geynisman, one of the exceptional product managers at Alludo. As Dmitry says, “I know I’m good at my job—but I can’t take all the credit. I don’t go it alone. I equip myself with the right product management tools to get the job done well.” 

Parallels Desktop is one of those powerhouse tools that lets you maximize performance and unlock the full power of your Mac. Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Parallels Desktop!  

We spoke with Dmitry to learn more about how Parallels Desktop enables and empowers his work and life. 

PMs, meet Parallels Desktop 

What’s Parallels Desktop all about? Here’s the elevator pitch: Parallels Desktop employs a technology known as virtualization. With Parallels Desktop, you can easily create a virtual machine (VM) on your Mac. Think of a VM as a virtual PC tower within your Mac computer where you can run a different operating system alongside your macOS. Parallels Desktop is known for being very, very easy to set up, understand, and operate. In just one click, users get Windows 11 downloaded, installed, and configured—ready for use! 

As a product management tool, Parallels Desktop eliminates compatibility issues, facilitates access to Windows-exclusive tools, offers access to professional data analysis tools like Microsoft Power BI, makes it effortless to collaborate with colleagues across operating systems, and lets people work and play with more ease and simplicity. 

Torn between two worlds 

From Dmitry’s early days in IT tech support, he developed a soft spot for Microsoft Outlook for Windows and the full Microsoft Office suite. Its user-friendly features and robust functionalities won him over. But, as life often does, Dmitry ended up on a path to a Mac environment. That created a problem: Would he give up what he calls “a great computer” or sacrifice “a great office suite”? 

Spoiler alert: Dmitry didn’t have to give up either one. That’s because he used Parallels Desktop as a one of his product management tools. By seamlessly bridging the gap between Mac and Windows, Dmitry gets the best of both worlds at his fingertips. As a product manager, Dmitry relies heavily on Microsoft Office for Windows to drive his projects forward. With Parallels Desktop, he can tap into the full potential of MS Office, ensuring that his documents, spreadsheets, and presentations deliver top-notch compatibility and functionality. 


Parallels Desktop was the exact type of product management tool Dmitry needed. And he quickly discovered that its capabilities extended far beyond running MS Office on his preferred device. With Power BI on Dmitry’s Mac powered by Parallels Desktop, he can effortlessly connect to various data sources and in-product usage data to gain valuable insights that steer his project decisions. This integration turbocharges his workflow, giving him the confidence to make impactful data-driven choices without gobbling up his whole day.  

Dmitry uses Parallels Desktop for multiple other applications and use cases (Microsoft Visio, Tableau Desktop with ODBC driver, etc.), powered by the knowledge that he won’t be slowed down by needing to reboot, switch devices, or face buggy lags. 

Off the clock 

If you need more reasons to use tools that make your work more efficient, Dmitry would have you consider this: Parallels Desktop helps him operate at a high level in a demanding job while balancing the rest of his life. When Dmitry needs to rewind and recharge, Parallels Desktop is ready. He loves to indulge in some of his all-time favorite classic Windows games on his Mac like GTA V, Half-Life 2, Fallout New Vegas, Rocket League, and so many more, thanks to the powerful 3D graphics support that Parallels Desktop offers. 

Productivity, efficiency, and fun? Sign us up! (Okay, we’re already signed up. But now it’s your turn!) 

Find out how Parallels Desktop lets you maximize performance and unlock the full power of your Mac. Sign up for a free 14-day trial of Parallels Desktop!