How Companies Can Benefit from Parallels Desktop during the Pandemic and Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted both everyday life and company workflows. Long-standing processes have faltered or become useless as a result of site closures or reduced headcount. Companies are challenged by the fact that employees are unable to take home all of the necessary equipment from the office as there is often a shortage of mobile hardware. Desktop computers sit in the office while employees work at their kitchen tables and this disruption is compounded by the fact that not all systems are accessible from ‘anywhere’. Parallels® Desktop for Mac Business Edition can bridge that gap and help companies and organizations work in a fully productive and mobile manner even when using less hardware.  

Multiple systems – ready for use anywhere 

In many cases, employees need to work on multiple systems. For example, for testing purposes during software and web development. In this situation, employees need to use as many different systems as possible to test new builds and this must continue despite working from home. Other employees simply need software on their Mac that is only available on Windows. Once again, Parallels Desktop for Mac is the ideal solution as it enables reliable use of applications without compromising performance, whether working from home or at the office.  

The work VM for security and productivity when working from home 

A lack of hardware and access to internal systems from private devices can often be resolved with Parallels Desktop for Mac. IT departments can use Parallels Desktop to provide employees with their own ‘work VM’ that delivers preconfigured access to all internal systems. This creates strict separation between professional and private life and maintains data security for the company. Users can work in a closed system with software and access rights without data leaving the virtual environment. 

With Parallels Desktop in place, employees can use a ‘work VM’ on their private MacBook and access all the software necessary to their respective role while maintaining strict separation between professional and private data and applications. IT departments can create an isolated working environment, which can also be deleted later without a trace. This can be useful if a company uses desktop computers that are firmly rooted in the office, but employees need or want to work on private devices. Or, if only a few employees use Mac computers and can therefore do little with their company’s Windows software. 

Together with other Parallels® solutions such as the Parallels® Remote Application Server and Parallels® Access, IT departments can offer employees a comprehensive remote infrastructure that enables them to be just as productive as they are in the office—from any location.