2X VirtualDesktopServer and ApplicationServer Version 8.1 is released!

Dallas, TX, June 1, 2010 – 2X Software today announced the release of V 8.1 of the 2X ApplicationServer and 2X VirtualDesktopServer.

“With our latest versions of the 2X VirtualDesktopServer and 2X ApplicationServer 8.1, we offer improved features, performance and scalability from Version 8 at no additional cost to our customers,” explains Nikolaos Makris, CEO of 2X Software. “We have also improved and simplified administration capabilities through additional features, such as Server Listing Policies and many more client improvements. 2X continues to focus upon developing reliable, innovative and cost-effective desktop virtualization solutions serving businesses of all sizes.”

New Features for this Release Include:

Server – Listing Policies

This feature allows administrators to control which version of the 2X Client they would like their users to deploy, allowing administrators with remote users to update their 2X Client to the latest version. Administrators can control which build numbers can list published items for the Windows 2X Client, 2X Web Portal and 2X Java Client.These settings allow only the latest version of the Windows 2X Client to list published applications.

Windows Client – RDP 7 Features

This version of the 2X Client benefits from all new features provided by RDP 7, including improved multimedia redirection, real multi-monitor support and bi-directional audio, all supported given that the latest Microsoft library is installed and registered, with installation already present. Registration is not included in the Beta release, but can be accessed by running “regsvr32 C:Program Files2XClientmstscax.dll”. The 2X Client is already prepared for Remote FX functionality.

Windows Client – Authentication Method

This option allows the client to verify the terminal server to which it is connecting by checking the server certificate. This option reduces the possibility of a “man in the middle” attack.

Windows Client – Direct SSL Mode

We have introduced a new connection mode where the 2X Client may use SSL connectivity with the 2X SecureProxyGateway and a normal connection to the terminal server. This option is ideally used with the Authentication Method enabled. Both options in combination with a correctly configured terminal server will allow optimum utilization of available resources while maintaining a high level of security.

Windows 7 Client – Improved Taskbar Integration

Application taskbar grouping for Windows 7 is now fully supported by the 2X Client as shown below:

Windows Client – Published Items Available from the Tray Icon

Starting applications was never this easy, as the 2X Client now allows you to simply click on the tray icon and select desired applications to have them run immediately.

Windows Client – Client-Side Logging

With client-side logging, users can track information from past connections, offering a useful administration tool should problems arise, and also allowing potential future problems to be identified.

Linux Client – Single Sign On

If your Linux operating system is configured to authenticate using Microsoft Active Directory, you can now make use of Single Sign On for the Linux 2X Client, removing the need to establish two sets of identical credentials, as the 2X Client can use system credentials automatically.

MAC Client – Sound Redirection

MAC users can now listen to sound-producing applications, such as podcasts and online radio. Bi-directional sound support is scheduled for future releases.

Web Portal – Global Message for All Companies in the Web Portal

Version 8.0 provided separate logins from the same portal for clients providing applications for different companies or groups, with separate presentation screens and the ability to display group-specific messages. In Version 8.1, 2X has added the ability to use a global message for all users, regardless of company or group.

Web Portal – Replication of Settings for Different Portal Installations

Companies using multiple instances of the Web Portal in their environment can use identical user group portal settings. In Version 8.1, Web Portal settings can be replicated from one portal to another automatically.

Java Client – Credentials Passed to the Applet

When integrating the 2X Java Client to an existing portal where your users have already provided their credentials (username and password), administrators can now pass the Java Client credentials directly to the Java Applet.

Java Client – Minimum Native Part Installation

Windows users deploying applications via the 2X Java Client do not need a full client installation, as essential modules are used without installation, leaving a clean client operating system.

Additional new Features

Additional Version 8.1 features include the following:

•    Badly configured network cards (i.e. IP address are ignored for Zero Management Thin Client PXE booting
•    RDP printer re-direction allows renaming using the Windows 2008 R2 name format.
•    Improved automatic gateway configuration when adding backup servers
•    Improved drag and drop for quick application publishing for Windows 2008 and Windows 7
•    Improved client settings deployment, allowing settings to be imported automatically
•    A new Java application assisting administrators in configuring the settings file needed by the 2X Java client on web servers

Here you find the complete list of features & screenshots.

Easy to Use, yet Powerful

The 2X development team has ensured the new release hits the right button with users: administrators enjoy easy setup and management, including simple step-by-step wizards, while end users enjoy simplicity and performance advantages, with a clear, easy-to-navigate Windows-style client.

Pricing and Availability

2X VirtualDesktopServer Pricing starts from as little as $1,190 (900 EUR) for the Small Business Edition, managing one server without user or connection limitations.

About 2X

2X Software Ltd develops enterprise server-based virtual computing software, enabling desktop virtualization and application streaming on personal computers and thin client devices. Its product line, which includes the award-winning 2X VirtualDesktopServer and 2X ApplicationServer, is easily scalable, installable, and manageable with straightforward licensing, resulting in product prices far below those of competitors. For more information, please visit: http://www.2x.com/.

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