How Can Businesses Benefit from the AWS Cloud?

What Is AWS Cloud 

aws cloudAWS cloud—short for Amazon Web Servicesrefers to Amazon’s extensive collection of cloud services, which include EC2 (compute), S3 (storage), Glacier (backup), CloudFront (content delivery network), AWS Data Pipeline (data orchestration), and many others. All these services are priced on a pay-as-you-go model and consumed on demand. 

Characteristics of the AWS cloud 

As with all things related to the cloud, practically all services in the AWS cloud are characterized by high scalability, high availability, self-service provisioning, and vast network accessibility. In fact, not only is AWS capable of providing access to its services on a global scale, it’s also able to do that with minimal latency.  

When an end user starts interacting with the UI of whatever service or application is being delivered via the AWS cloud, it’s possible for him or her to experience a high level of responsiveness. This is achieved when customers take advantage of what are known as AWS Regions and Availability Zones.  

Business benefits of using the AWS cloud 

The moment businesses start leveraging capabilities of the AWS cloud, they’ll be able to improve in several areas. The scalable nature of AWS allows businesses to expand or contract their IT infrastructure with the ebbs and flows of the business operations it’s meant to support.  

Secondly, the highly available nature of AWS reduces the risk of downtimes. This capability can be crucial in business environments that require services to be accessible 24/7.  

Last but not the least, the AWS vast network and globally dispersed datacenters enable organizations to support a growing appetite for telecommuting and mobile working.  

Big Data Analytics Services

The below big data analytics and app services are available through AWS cloud:

Leveraging the AWS cloud for virtual application and desktop delivery with Parallels RAS

Telecommuting and mobile work are best supported through technologies like remote application delivery and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which allow users to run centrally managed applications and desktops on mobile devices.  

Traditionally, these centrally managed applications and desktops are hosted onpremises. With the right solution, they can now be deployed in the AWS cloud, where they can acquire the capabilities mentioned earlier. One solution that’s able to do this is Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS). Parallels RAS is a virtual application and desktop delivery solution that fully integrates with leading cloud platforms, including AWS. It can also be deployed on-premises, allowing you to support a hybrid cloud infrastructure.  

With the help of Parallels RAS, your employees can access applications and desktops published from RDSH, VDI, or a remote PC host. Published applications can be accessed from laptops, phones, tablets, or just about any device with a modern browser. 

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