Sharing Options in Parallels Desktop for Mac

Guest blog by Manoj Dhanasekar, Parallels Support Team

Parallels Desktop® for Mac provides close integration between your Mac OS X and Windows virtual machines. You should have Parallels Tools installed in a virtual machine in order to take advantage of this integration and also make sure the Isolate Mac from Windows option is disabled in the Security pane of your VM configuration window.

Let me walk you through the list of sharing options available in Parallels Desktop, which are designed for sharing files, folders, etc.

The Shared Profile tool shares your Mac desktop, pictures, documents, downloads, music and videos with your Windows VM so that you have access to all these files directly from the Windows side.

For example, with this option enabled, the VM’s desktop will display the icons present on the Mac OS X Desktop and your Windows home folder will be linked to your Mac home folder.

As long as these files are now shared, if you delete a Mac OS X file from the Windows desktop, it will be wiped out from both operating systems—so just be careful what you delete.

Here is how to enable Shared Profile:

Sharing Options in Parallels Desktop

The SmartMount tool helps you set Parallels Desktop to automatically mount Mac storage devices and volumes to Windows so that you can access their contents from both operating systems.

SmartMount can be enabled with these three easy steps:

Sharing Options in Parallels Desktop

The Shared Applications tool helps you access Mac OS X applications from within Windows and vice versa.

With this option on, you can also specify default applications for certain file types, so you can open a file on Windows and another one on Mac OS X and forget about manually choosing the programs.

Here is how to enable Shared Applications:

Sharing Options in Parallels Desktop

You can also select the default Internet browsers for different types of web pages, including those that are installed in the VM.

For example, you can set the web pages to open in your default Mac OS X Internet browser and FTP pages to open in your VM Internet browser:

Sharing Options in Parallels Desktop

We hope this blog helped you learn a little more about Parallels Desktop sharing tools. Don’t forget to follow the Parallels Support team on Twitter!


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