Restrict Users to Change VM View Modes in Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition

Parallels Desktop TM for Mac Business Edition allows you to restrict users from changing view modes in a virtual machine (VM). You can set a custom password that users need to input to change the VM view mode.

What are the virtual machine view modes in Parallels Desktop?

Why restrict VM view modes?

Whenever Mac laptops and physical desktops are shared by more than one person, a user might come in and switch to their preferred view mode (say Coherence mode). This can be a problem for the next user who might not know how to switch back to Window mode. Locking the display to one view mode avoids any confusion.

How to restrict VM view modes in Parallels Desktop Business Edition

You can use Parallels Desktop Business Edition to set up a custom password and require users to enter the password whenever they want to change the VM view modes.

To restrict virtual machine view modes:

  1. Select Parallels Desktop > Preferences in the Parallels Desktop menu bar.
  2. Choose Actions > Configure > Security.
  3. Select the Custom password: Turn On button.

Note: To change the password later, select the Change Password button and follow the onscreen instructions.

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Parallels Desktop Business Edition offers features such as restriction of virtual machine view modes, license management, mass deployment of Parallels Desktop and virtual machines, corporate compliance capabilities and business-level support. Download the free trial and learn how it can benefit your organization


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