Working at Home with Parallels Access

These are challenging times, and I’m sure many of you are working at home—just like I am right now—and sometimes need something in the office to complete your work.

I’m not as organized as I should be, and I don’t have every single file and folder I’m working with on my laptop (a MacBook Pro), nor do I religiously keep all my files in a cloud service like Dropbox or OneDrive. Sometimes a file I need is on a Mac in the office; sometimes it’s on a Mac at home; and other times it’s in a Windows virtual machine (VM) on one of my Mac laptops.

I found myself in just this situation today: two files I really needed were on my iMac desktop in the office, and I want to continue working on these files while I’m working from home.

Luckily for me, Parallels Access™ has a built-in file transfer capability. I was able to use Parallels Access on my iPad to remotely connect to my iMac, transfer the two files to my iPad, and then transfer the two files to my home iMac. Video 1 show this entire file transfer operation.

Parallels Access also runs on an iPhone—Video 2 shows what this file transfer looks like. (Parallels Access also runs on Android tablets and phones, but I have no videos for those.)

There are a number of other “work from home” scenarios that Parallels Access makes just as easy as the file transfer task I did today, but I will leave these for future blog posts.

Download a free trial of Parallels Access for Windows and Mac and try it out yourself.

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