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Godiva Chocolatier simplified IT with Parallels Remote Application Server.

“Prior to having Parallels Remote Application Server, we had to update applications on each machine. With Remote Application Server, we can just do an update once and publish it to all users.”

Thomas Cauwenberg
IT Service Delivery & Infrastructure Manager
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LUSH was looking for a simple tool that could consolidate RDS and VDI while being cost-effective and easy to manage.

“Switching to Parallels Remote Application Server was simple, and significantly reduced our licensing and support costs.”

Dale Hobbs
Manager, Network and Security Systems
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Mom Technology. Pursuing security and efficiency using Parallels® Remote Application Server and opening new frontiers by building systems for mobile health checkups/medical care.

“We judged Parallels Remote Application Server to be slightly superior in terms of overall security, ease of introduction, and running costs. Initially, we had reservations about problems arising in the operations aspect, but absolutely everything went very smoothly.”

Norishige Fujita
Executive Manager, System Integration Division, East Japan Branch, MOM Technology Co., Ltd.
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Dummies, Why Application and Desktop Delivery

In this book, you learn how solutions, such as Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS), replace traditional application deployment with on-demand application delivery, and why it's right for your organization.

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Migrating from Citrix XenApp

From cutting costs to extending the limits of your IT infrastructure, there are many reasons to move from Citrix XenApp application and desktop delivery system to Parallels Remote Application Server solution. See how easily you can migrate to Parallels Remote Application Server from Citrix XenApp.

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Scalability Testing with Login VSI

To validate Parallels RAS configurations, Parallels engineers conducted a series of performance tests. The goal was to analyze the scalability of Parallels RAS sessions running on VMware vSphere virtual machines. As part of this testing, Login VSI was used to generate user connections to RD Session Host servers simulating typical user workloads.

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Nutanix, Reduce the cost and complexity of VDI with Nutanix hyper-converged platforms and Parallels RAS

The Nutanix solution enables easy deployment of any virtual workload, including large-scale virtual desktop initiatives (VDI), development/test apps, private clouds, big data (Hadoop) projects, and more. Nutanix customers can radically simplify and seamlessly scale out their datacenter infrastructures with cost-efficient appliances that can be deployed for rapid time to value.

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Save up to 60% compared to Citrix

This article will explain how Parallels Remote Application Server can easily act as a business’s desktop and application delivery solution, offering the same qualities as other leading solutions such as Citrix XenApp, but at an entirely different and affordable price. As a result, companies who opt to use Parallels Remote Application Server could save up to 60%, while gaining added flexibility and maneuverability for their devices.

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RDS, Maximize Your Remote Desktop Services

The revolutionary potential of remote desktops is just being tapped. This article will illustrate how remote desktops can help companies work more efficiently and effectively, reducing costs and harmoniously integrating solutions such as thin clients. In addition, by delivering applications and data straight to thin clients, remote desktops simplify digital policies by centralizing data directly onto the company’s server.

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IGEL Technology and Parallels RAS - Reduce the cost and complexity of virtual desktop.

This article outlines some of the exciting benefits of the Parallels Remote Application Server partnership with leading thin client manufacturer IGEL Technology, and explains how embracing this partnership could lead businesses to an even more efficient and cost-effective server solution.

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