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Take on a new persona and experience the world from the perspective of a 15th century knight in this popular role-playing game. Run RPGs like Felvidek on Steam on your Mac using Parallels Desktop.

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"I installed Parallels basically so I could use my MacBook as a gaming laptop in my free time, so this is perfect for me because I can play a game and keep my regular processes running on the side."


"Parallels supports DirectX 11, allowing you to run several Windows-based games on Macs."

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How to play Felvidek on a Mac

Playing Felvidek and other Steam games in a Windows virtual machine on Mac is simple and you can get started in minutes. Here's how...

1. Install Parallels Desktop
2. Create a Windows 11 virtual machine
3. Adjust the virtual machine settings for gaming
4. Install Steam
5. Browse the Steam store and purchase and download Felvidek
Purchase and download Parallels Desktop*

*The Pro Edition is recommended for best gaming performance.
**Windows license needed
***Option only available in the Pro Edition or Business Edition. The Gaming Profile allows users to allocate an adequate amount of RAM, CPU, and GPU resources to ensure a seamless gaming experience. When the gaming profile is enabled, Parallels Desktop provides more RAM and CPU to Windows, enters full-screen view for greater immersion, and toggles the mouse mode for better compatibility with games.

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Parallels Desktop Pro Edition

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Billed annually
  • Use 200,000+ Windows apps
  • Access the full range of features
  • No need for a second Windows or Linux machine
  • Switch between macOS, Linux, and Windows effortlessly

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