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Parallels Mac Management v6 for Microsoft SCCM

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  • Unified endpoint management for PCs and Mac® computers
  • Effortlessly plugs in to existing SCCM infrastructure
  • Full Mac lifecycle management
  • Maximize your Microsoft® SCCM investment

Extend your Microsoft SCCM to
manage Mac computers like you
manage Windows PCs.

For companies that already use Microsoft® SCCM for managing PCs, Parallels® Mac Management for Microsoft SCCM allows IT to maximize investments. It enables administrators to leverage existing processes by using SCCM as the single pane of glass to manage both PCs and Mac® computers.

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Mac Discovery and Enrollment

  • Scan and discover Mac computers on your network.
  • Enroll Mac computers via SCCM Active Directory System Discovery.
  • Enroll Mac computers into SCCM via unique integration of Apple® Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Parallels Mac Management.

macOS® Image Deployment and Patch Management

  • Use familiar SCCM Task Sequence steps to deploy your corporate macOS base image, applications, and settings to Mac computers.
  • Support for macOS updates is seamlessly integrated with SCCM software update features.

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Software Deployment via SCCM

  • Deploy a wide range of packages: .dmg, .pkg, .iso, .app, scripts, and stand-alone files.
  • Support for SCCM package and application deployment models.
  • Flexible deployment options allow you to customize all aspects of the software deployment experience.

Parallels Applications Portal

  • Create a self-service library of approved applications for your end users.
  • Allow end users to browse and install applications approved by IT.
  • The end users can install approved applications even if they don’t have administrative privileges on their Mac.

Enforce Compliance via SCCM Baselines

  • Enforce compliance on the Mac via SCCM configuration items and baselines.
  • Configuration items tailored for Mac: macOS configuration profiles, FileVault® 2 disk encryption settings, and shell scripts.
  • Monitor compliance status via SCCM reporting.

New! Remote Lock and Wipe

  • Initiate a remote wipe of a Mac that was lost, stolen, or for any other reason needs data to be erased.
  • Lock Mac devices remotely.

New! Software Metering

  • Monitor and collect software usage data from Mac clients.
  • Enforce and optimize third party software licenses for maximum ROI.

Inventory and Reporting

  • Gather hardware and software inventory of your Mac computers.
  • Report information about user log-ons.
  • Leverage native Microsoft SCCM reports for details on Mac computers.

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30-Minute Introduction

  • Manage Mac computers with SCCM
  • Compliance and security
  • Leverage what you have

1-Hour Deep Dive

  • Mac support in SCCM
  • Security baselines with configuration items
  • macOS image deployment

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