Quicken for Windows on Mac with Parallels Desktop

For over 10 years, Parallels Desktop® for Mac users have run Windows on Mac—without rebooting—to use Quicken.

Quicken started back in 1984 as personal-finance management software that helps users simplify and organize their money, from staying on top of spending to managing investments. Financial goals can be fairly wide-spectrum, and users need tailored options to fit their needs. Depending on what you want to track and on how complex your financial situation is, Quicken offers six different versions for both macOS® and Windows users.

However, Quicken for Mac lacks some of the features of Quicken for Windows. This is where Parallels Desktop enters: helping users utilize the full features of Quicken for Windows on their Mac without restarting.

Our team here at Parallels LOVES hearing how Parallels Desktop helps users solve problems that block their productivity. We’d like to spotlight one of our amazing users who shared her experience using Quicken for Windows through Parallels Desktop for Mac.

Quicken Premier

Quicken Premier running in Windows 7 in Parallels Desktop. All financial figures above are fictional.

Helen is a retired software trainer/accountant. She bought an Apple IIe computer in 1983 because she knew computers were the future. She and her sons learned how to use the computer together. Helen next learned how to use an airline reservation computer as a travel agent. After a few years, she became proficient in the back-office accounting system, finishing her career as a trainer for the company that wrote the accounting software, as well as a customer relationship management software.

She has been using Quicken for Windows since 1994 to track her family finances and investments. In 2013, she decided to purchase a MacBook Pro and switched to Quicken for Mac. She soon found that Quicken for Mac was not as robust at Quicken for Windows. A friend recommended running Parallels Desktop, which would allow Helen to run Windows and Windows programs on her MacBook Pro. This has been the perfect solution.

In Helen’s words, “Parallels has mainly been running in the background, allowing me to run Windows programs. I have not had any problems with it—it runs seamlessly.” You can see how easy it is for Helen to manage her finances in the screenshot above.

If you’re looking to run Quicken for Windows on Mac without rebooting, we encourage you to download a FREE 14-day trial of Parallels Desktop for Mac today.

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