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What Is Microsoft Azure Cloud Services? 

Azure Cloud Services are cloud computing services that allow businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications on a global, massive network with the help of different frameworks and tools. It’s designed to help your business meet and exceed challenges. 

Azure Cloud Services was announced in 2008 to much fanfare. Many years later, it’s one of the biggest cloud-based platforms out there. It’s a one-stop solution with offerings like platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). 

Why Should You Use Azure Cloud Services? 

Azure Cloud Services is known for coming up with new features. If you used it many years ago, you’d be surprised how different it looks and functions today. 

Let’s have a look at three reasons why you should use it: 

  1. Your data is safe and sound. 
    With Microsoft Azure, data recovery is not an issue. Its geographically decentralized infrastructure offers good disaster recovery options. You can run various types of applications and access your data from anywhere as you attempt to recover lost data. Microsoft Azure helps you provide continuous service to clients—which not only helps you maintain goodwill but retain customers as well.  
  2. Test your applications quickly.
    With services like Azure Application Insights and Visual Studio Team Services, it’s easy to develop and test critical applications on the platform. You can move applications from one phase to another without any trouble, thanks to Azure’s global network. In addition, you can also enjoy Microsoft’s licensing discounts, which make it easy to migrate your existing applications to the platform. These cost-saving opportunities are another excellent reason to consider Azure.
  3. Reduce costs.
    Azure is an investment—but it can save you a lot in the long run. Physical devices like load balancers and routers can be expensive. Plus, you need experienced staff members to run the system. This can turn out to be very costly. With Azure, you can reduce this cost. Microsoft’s expertise and infrastructure reduce your investment and increase the benefits.  

The Benefits of Using Azure Cloud Services

Making use of Azure Cloud Services offers several benefits, such as:


Scale your cloud services environment automatically based on current demand. The autoscale function assists you in managing unexpected traffic surges by dynamically scaling up or down your Azure Cloud Services infrastructure to provide a great client experience. Set scaling limitations, plan targets, and verify that your applications’ performance can scale while keeping costs low.


Set up real-time alerts to receive notifications whenever availability and reliability or other metrics begin to deteriorate. Enhance the security of your enterprise by automating operating system upgrades. Don’t worry about patching, broken hardware, or network difficulties; just focus on designing fantastic applications. Azure Cloud Services makes it easy to keep track of your apps’ health and availability. A health metrics dashboard provides quick access to crucial facts.

High Availability and Accelerated Deployment

Azure cloud services offer a platform for your apps and APIs that is highly available and immensely scalable. Application deployment is carried out much faster and more efficiently. Azure Cloud Services allows you to quickly create and deploy sophisticated online and cloud apps and services. Employ Azure Cloud Services to keep company apps up and running while redirecting traffic from problematic instances to healthy ones which are performing well. Azure will handle the rest, through provisioning to load balancing, after your application is launched.

Application Resiliency

To improve regional robustness, use the Azure Resource Manager–based delivery architecture provided by Azure Cloud Services (extended support). Use capabilities like role-based access control (RBAC), tagging, policy, and deployment template support with this new deployment paradigm.

Use Cases for Azure Cloud Services

With an Azure solution, you may find solutions to your business difficulties by combining everything you need—related technologies, services, and third-party apps. You’ll be fully operational swiftly with a sustainable, cost-effective solution that integrates with your existing investments, from Dev Ops to business intelligence to the Internet of Things.

How Parallels RAS Can Help Your Business with Azure Cloud Services

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