Parallels Toolbox for Mac and Windows: Incredible Tools for Remote Workers.

We’ve been presented with significant challenges over the past year. One of them: working from home. Many of us had never experienced working from home before now and were forced to completely change our daily routine. Well, I’d like to share a solution with you that has helped me quite a bit during this time.  

Let’s talk about Parallels® Toolbox, a suite of tools that replaces the need for multiple applications. This all-in-one solution, with more than 30 tools for macOS and Windows 10, makes it simple to save space on your hard drive, create high-quality content, quickly optimize your computer for a presentation, and so much more! 

A look under the hood: 

Now that videoconferencing is our primary means of communicating with colleagues, it is not uncommon to have to share your screen and show presentations or files. The Presentation Mode in Parallels Toolbox combines three unique tools designed to make presenters truly shine (Video 1):  

1. Hide Desktop tidies up your desktop in one click. No one needs to know what your pantry looks like, right? Same goes for dozens of scattered thumbnails on your desktop. 

2. Do Not Sleep serves as an ‘always on’ setting so that your screen never ‘goes dark’ mid-presentation. You’re on a roll – don’t lose momentum at the least opportune moment! 

3. Do Not Disturb turns off all distractions, such as pop up chat messages from colleagues or friends. We’ve all heard one too many horror stories, right?  

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re working from home and sitting in front of the computer far longer than anticipated. The Break Time tool automatically reminds you to schedule breaks and to stick to them (Video 2). Break times can be set individually, so if you have to “force” yourself to take a little time every now and then, this feature puts you in control over the actual number of hours you work from your home office. 

The Record Screen tool is also worth mentioning (Video 3). In addition to the classic screenshot tools (yes, there is a tool for this as well), Parallels Toolbox enables you to record videos of the entire screen. This can be particularly useful when you need to quickly explain something to a colleague. Recording the individual steps directly on the screen is often easier than having to outline the steps, one by one, in the body of an email. Also, important meetings can be recorded with just one click. Most video-conferencing solutions offer this, but generally only the host of the meeting can record. That said, before you begin recording your meeting, be sure you have the consent of all participants first! 

Waited too long to clean up your computer and delete useless files? Parallels Toolbox can help. With the Clean Drive function, your Mac stays tidy and runs at maximum speed without manual intervention (Video 4). Parallels Toolbox reviews all your documents and gives you the option to delete unnecessary or unused files. Plus, it finds duplicate files, even if the file name is different (Find Duplicates) and helps to remove them. 

One of my favorite tools is Clipboard History (on macOS only). This feature makes it simple to copy text and images you’ve saved (for up to 30 days) and then recall and paste them anywhere. I use Clipboard History every day! It’s great for presentations or long texts from different sources. See how it works in Video 5. Clipboard History also supports Universal Clipboard. This helpful combination makes it even easier to copy and paste anything (text, images, photos, and videos) across your Apple devices. So basically, you can copy a text on your iPhone and paste it later in another document on your Mac. It’s great! 

Parallels Toolbox can also bring out your playful side and makes it simple tocreate small, fun GIFs with the Make GIFs tool (macOS only). The Internet and social media are full of these small videos, so why not create some of these animations for yourself? It’s a great way to put a new spin on your normal workday.  

Parallels Toolbox’s most popular one-click tools also include: Convert Video, Resize Images, Free Memory, Capture Screen, Unarchive, Hidden Files, Uninstall Apps and so much more. And, the advanced search and the new user interface within Parallels Toolbox, makes it simple for users to quickly access the right tool at the right time.  

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