"Parallels RAS has made our IT department's lives easier with the ability to securely publish internal applications. We have been working with Parallels RAS for years and to date we have not had any problems".

Miguel Martínez Ordoñez
Miguel Martínez Ordoñez
CIO of Edelvives

Grupo Editorial Edelvives was founded 130 years ago in Spain and still has its headquarters there today. It also has additional offices in Mexico and Argentina. Today the publishing group’s 460+ employees offer rigorous educational material based on values, innovation, and new technologies while supporting cultural and literary growth that spans generations.

The challengeEstablish a secure and accessible virtual application delivery system for their commercial network

The publisher prides itself on being creative, courageous, critical, and reflective in their service to the global educational community, developing materials that expand students’ cognitive abilities and cooperative learning skills. Their interactive resources for students and teachers are distributed through a broad business network.

Their challenge to the Parallels RAS team was to create a way for the Grupo Editorial Edelvives to deliver key applications virtually through a secure portal that is readily accessible by members of their commercial network.

Prior to 2020, the publisher was using Guacamole along with VPN for remote access, a comparatively simple applications delivery option. However, they realized that they needed something more robust, and turned to Parallels RAS after hearing about the flexibility, security, and power of the remote application server.

The testUnlock key capabilities their users need while testing on Chromebooks

Grupo Editorial Edelvives tested Parallels RAS with a small group of just five users accessing applications like Excel and Word.

A key factor for them was the ability to copy and paste internally and externally, so users could move content around within the apps accessed via the portal and outside sources.

The team at Grupo Editorial Edelvives appreciates the Universal Printing capabilities, and their salespeople enjoy the ability to print from home or wherever they may be working.

The new Parallels RAS-powered version of their portal was tested on Chromebooks and users found it easy to use in their day-to-day work; users are currently accessing 15+ applications via their company-provided Chromebooks with no issues (and another 5% of users also access the portal via their personal devices).

They were able to install Parallels RAS and complete a Proof-of-Concept test in mere weeks.

The solutionParallels RAS chosen for its enhanced security, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and user-friendly deployment

Grupo Editorial Edelvives was primarily interested in Parallels RAS after they outgrew the capabilities of Guacamole due to its enhanced security options and scalability.

Citrix was also under consideration, but eventually opted for Parallels RAS due to its cost-effectiveness and speed and ease of deployment. Since the initial deployment, the IT team at Grupo Editorial Edelvives has enjoyed its flexibility and how simple it is to onboard new users to their application portal.

"We are delighted with the Parallels RAS solution, as it has made it easier for colleagues to work remotely or outside our environment, giving them access to applications from anywhere. The best thing is that both the implementation, maintenance and usability of the platform is really simple. In addition, we always have the support of ADMTOOLS for any type of unforeseen event, giving a quick and efficient response."

Miguel Martínez Ordoñez
Miguel Martínez Ordoñez
CIO of Edelvives

The resultParallels RAS brings user-friendly tools, enhanced security, cost and time savings, and improved editorial productivity without extensive training

The goal of switching to Parallels RAS was to give the Grupo Editorial Edelvives business network the tools they need to do their jobs effectively with the need for comprehensive training.

Parallels RAS has enhanced the security and ease of use for Grupo Editorial Edelvives and their commercial network; what’s more, the publisher has reported significant cost savings and time savings, as well as a reduction in resources required.

By using Parallels RAS, the IT team has given the commercial network more access and visibility into the editorial processes, boosting their productivity and effectiveness.

"Parallels RAS is a highly recommended product, on top of being easy to use, it is scalable and allows you to grow quickly and easily without any problems."

Miguel Martínez Ordoñez
Miguel Martínez Ordoñez
CIO of Edelvives
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