"We are very pleased with Parallels RAS! The support is always helpful and fast. The ease of use of the software is fantastic!"

Christoph Auer
IT System Engineer
Landgenossenschaft Ennstal e. Gen

The ChallengeA new solution that could reduce their complexity and improve their operations.

Landgenossenschaft Ennstal e. Gen had previously implemented remote desktop applications and session management through Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS). However, with no central dedicated console, IT administrators had to individually configure each component via different management consoles.

Dissatisfaction with the time required to log in to different servers, as well as difficulties scaling, and frustrations caused by update limitations prompted Landgenossenschaft Ennstal to actively look for an alternative solution.

They needed a solution that could reduce their complexity and improve their operations. The team needed access to applications and documents from any device, which was not possible with their Microsoft RDS installation.

The TestCan Parallels RAS reduce IT effort and the need for external expertise to manage updates?

Landgenossenschaft Ennstal was interested in having the most useful features be included automatically so that they could reduce the IT time and expertise required to manage updates and focus on successfully deploying and operating remote networks.

Moreover, they needed a new solution that would allow them to deliver secure access to their remote desktops that would improve productivity seamlessly. That's when they tried Parallels RAS.

The SolutionParallels RAS chosen for the ability to access resources and applications on any device along with improved session management efficacy and security.

Landgenossenschaft Ennstal examined the leading application and desktop delivery solutions before choosing to implement Parallels RAS for their needs.

This decision enabled them to deliver simple and secure access to remote desktops, hosted and virtual applications. The features such as automatic load balancing that were lacking on Microsoft RDS came standard with Parallels RAS.

Landgenossenschaft Ennstal was able to increase session management efficacy and security with remote PC pools and implementation of multifactor authentication.

End-users can now access resources and applications on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems via their preferred smartphones/tablets, Mac and PC devices.

Parallels RAS provides the team with a superior mobile experience, transforming their desktop applications into fully-fledged mobile apps. iOS and Android native gestures such as swipe, zoom in and tap to click were instantly enabled, improving users' productivity while on the move.

The ResultsEliminated the need for expensive add-ons and external technical expertise.

After switching to Parallels RAS, Landgenossenschaft Ennstal enjoyed the seamless transition to a choose your own device (CYOD) policy. Their IT team appreciated the quick and simple set up, and their performance and security improved immediately. Aside from improvements to remote accessibility, the remote desktops have extended the hardware life cycle.

Through Parallels RAS, the Austrian-based organization saved staff time and reduced the IT department's budget by removing the need for expensive add-ons and external technical expertise. These savings have resulted in a lower total cost of ownership than when employing Microsoft RDS. Employees are more productive, with users able to access data while routing between facilities.

Overall, Parallels RAS delivered a secure and reliable remote application infrastructure that could be managed through a single pane of glass.

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