“The Parallels team listen to their customers and can adapt their product to make sure it meets our clients’ needs. We can sell the dream with Parallels.”

Steve Whitfield, Sales Director
Virtual Engine

Virtual Engine is a London-based firm that specializes in end user computing solutions for organizations in the U.K. and Europe. Part managed service provider, part consultancy, and part software reseller, Virtual Engine designs, implements and supports end user and cloud computing solutions for clients of all sizes, with anywhere from 100 to 12,000 users.

The Virtual Engine team doesn’t focus on specific verticals, working with clients from the financial, healthcare, government, and professional services sectors.

Virtual Engine started working with Parallels in 2019, when they had two different clients that needed a remote access solution. After reviewing the marketplace, they determined that Parallels RAS was the right fit.

The relationship has since evolved so that Virtual Engine is now a Platinum Alludo partner, which gives them access to the highest level of the partnership program, including go-to market campaigns, lead sharing and a host of other benefits.

The challenge

Virtual Engine’s main challenge was how to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. Steve Whitfield, Virtual Engine Sales Director, says their knowledge, experience and technical team are second to none, and because of their smaller size they are very flexible.

“We are a reseller of software, but we are also a managed service provider,” he explains. “We make sure our customers get the very best service and the most out of our expertise.” Parallels RAS fits well in their product portfolio—easy to deploy, cost-effective, and easy to manage so it doesn’t require as much support as some other products in the market.

Parallels RAS is frequently updated and the team at Parallels work closely with their partners to make sure the product meets customers’ evolving needs.

Although SaaS-based applications are increasingly more widespread, many organizations still require the ability to provide their staff and contractors with secure remote access to desktops and applications. Security has become more top-of-mind for organizations during the pandemic, according to Whitfield, and with hybrid working expected to be the new normal for the foreseeable future, secure remote access solutions will continue to be critical.

“Remote access is our bread and butter, so the Parallels virtual desktop is a great fit.”

Steve Whitfield, Sales Director

The solution

Recently, a Virtual Engine client needed to replace their old remote access technology, which had gone end of life. With more than 500 concurrent users, the client, a local government organization, was starting fresh in the marketplace and wasn’t sure what the right solution was.

Virtual Engine provided market analysis and recommended Parallels RAS as the best option. The Parallels team worked with Virtual Engine to design, pilot and test the technology; custom branding and reporting on key metrics were part of the implementation.

Whitfield says the process was straightforward and easy, particularly since Parallels released some new features during the implementation period to meet the client’s requirements.

The system went live with no issues, and the client is happy with their decision to go with Parallels RAS.

The result

The Alludo partnership program provides Virtual Engine with 100% of the support they need. Whitfield explained that the partnership has opened opportunities for Virtual Engine to attract new clients that need a remote access solution.

As an Alludo partner, Virtual Engine has been working with Parallels to market the RAS solution on various streams, including social media, direct mail, and telemarketing, focusing particularly on organizations facing work-from-home requirements. Whitfield says the marketing effort has resulted in several new clients and many prospects. Although the sales cycle can take some time, he has confidence in the product.

“The team at Parallels are great right across the board, from the channel management to the tech support team.”

Steve Whitfield, Sales Director
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