Client Manager features

Parallels ThinClientServer is now included in Parallels RAS June 23 2014, Parallels New Website with Product Features Enhanced

Web-Based Management Console

The ThinClientServer management console allows users’ device and connection settings to be centrally managed via its web-based interface, showing currently active devices and user sessions.

Centrally Manage Connection Settings by User, Group or Department

Centrally configure connection settings such as terminal server name, type (RDP, Citrix ICA or NX), screen resolution and more. Devices can be separated according to group settings, either manually by an administrator, or automatically using Active Directory by MAC or IP address.

Thin Client and PC Vendor-Independent

Manage all PCs and thin clients through one consistent and open interface, providing the freedom to choose and the possibility to re-use your existing computer hardware.

Limit Users to Parallels and Citrix Published Applications and VMware View Desktops

ThinClientServer deploys a secure, read-only Linux desktop to the thin client which only shows Citrix or Parallels published applications in the task bar, as well as VMware View and RDP desktops, allowing increased control and security for administrators.

Printer and Mass Storage Device Support

Locally connected printers or mass storage devices (USB and serial) are supported, with printers displayed on the user’s desktop, and local storage devices appearing in Windows Explorer with other media.

Multiple Location Support

Supports users in multiple locations through master-slave configuration management.

User Session Autologon and Shadowing Support

Users can auto-launch applications and desktops upon login, eliminating the need for multiple desktops. Administrators can also shadow user sessions for increased support.

Active Directory Integration

ThinClientServer links connection settings to Active Directory usernames, groups or OU’s (organizational units), reducing administration hassles from adding users and managing roaming users.

Convert Existing PCs to Thin Clients

ThinClientServer allows you to extend the life span of existing PCs by converting them to thin clients, providing considerable savings over time.

Low-Cost Thin Client Compatibility

ThinClientServer includes a thin client OS and a centralized management interface for all thin client devices, enabling the use of low-cost thin clients without OS and management software, offering considerable hardware savings. For a list of compatible thin clients, please click here.

Other Features

  • Windows 2008 ready
  • Configuration backup support
  • ApplicationServer, VirtualDesktopServer and LoadBalancer support
  • Auditing of all management modifications
  • Real-time TCS monitoring for administrators
  • Video drivers for VIA and GEODE-based thin clients
  • Thin clients can boot via PXE, CD-ROM, floppy or hard disk
  • Thin clients can be configured with Syslog for easy troubleshooting
  • Thin clients can be discovered via SNMP, allowing you to use other network management software if desired
  • Reports on sessions and user usage
  • Customized logon screen with personalized logo
  • OEM version for thin client vendors available