VirtualBox for Mac:
The Ultimate Guide to VirtualBox

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Virtualization of software has made it possible to run different operating systems on computers. Programs such as VirtualBox and Parallels allow you to create a virtual machine that runs on your Mac like any other app. For Mac users, deciding on a provider is hard since it blows down to compatibility, key features, performance and speed.

What is VirtualBox for Mac?

VirtualBox is a powerful 86 and AMD64/intel64 virtualization application. What does this mean on a Mac? First and foremost, it installs on your existing AMD or intel-based computer, whether you are running Windows, Mac OS X, Oracle Solaris (OSES) or Linux apps on a Mac. Secondly, it extends the capacity of your existing computer so that it can run multiple OSs, inside multiple virtual machines at the same time on a Mac.

Why you may want something better

Pretty convinced that VirtualBox on Mac can do it all? Well, think again! If you want to run Windows operating system on your Mac that suits all your needs then Parallels is your answer because:

Easy to set-up

Why wait for minutes to set-up a software when you can only take a second? Parallels is more straightforward and user-friendly. Its design is easier to use and even setting-up for a beginner to navigate through. The company provides very simple and easy steps to the provided users. For every step, you have a choice of answering or just skip. This also makes the installation process easier. Furthermore, there are various options that enable one to customize. This makes Parallels perfect for gaming and automatics.

Unlike VirtualBox, although there are steps provided, it might be hard for the beginners since it requires a lot of technical understanding of details for you to set it up.

Delivers high quality performance

It is an excellent piece of software especially for the Mac users in the vast growing world of Windows. It is very stable and more convenient. The software can be used for business customers or even for home usage. This ranges from programmers, graphics and web designers, architects and other professionals that use specific programs. It is exciting to know that every release of a new version of Parallels brings more goodies to macOS!


Who doesn't want a fast and easy way to transfer files? Parallels is the answer. It has been referred to as lightning fast because it is an easy-peasy way to transfer files between desktops that are parallel virtualized and the host desktop, either through Copy and Paste or even Drag and Drop. Also, when you want to configure a shared folder. Unlike VirtualBox you can't access all your Windows programs straight from the host dock, rather you have to open up virtual machines that will enable you to gain access to your apps in VirtualBox.

Multiple operating systems

Parallels software is an amazing tool that helps in running two of the most powerful operating systems in a single computer. Well, who said you cannot get both systems on one system? With every new version of Parallels, you can seamlessly change from macOS and Windows. This enables you to take advantage of drivers and peripherals that work with specific systems, either available on the web like Linux and Unix in macOS server, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, or Google Chrome. In addition, it offers full support to VCPs and RAM, which means you can push your device to its limit, running pretty much everything.

Supports gaming and access to Cortana

Parallels supports DirectX 10 which enables the running of most games. VirtualBox does not have this feature. Also, Parallels allows you to gain access to Cortana even when the Windows operating system is not on focus in order for you to give a voice command.


In the vast growing world of software, if you are looking to run Windows Apps on your Mac, then Parallels will do your work. Moreover, it is an excellent piece of software and very professional that is well designed and simple to use. It has a user-friendly interface that guides you throughout. In addition, it delivers high performance, it's fast, operates multiple systems and supports gaming. So, if you want to run Windows on your Mac, is Parallels worth it? The answer will always be yes.