Citrix Access Gateway: Overview and an Alternative

Citrix Access Gateway is a solution that provides administrators application-level control, and at the same time provides access from anywhere. It provides IT administrators with a point of control to manage access and permissions based on both the user and the endpoint device. Moreover, it grants users secure access and single sign-on to all their published virtual applications.

It is deployed in a physical or virtual machine and is positioned between the external and the internal network – in short, within the Internet access on a local server. It works by filtering the access-checking credentials and user policies to redirect users to their allocated resources.

Citrix Access Gateway has been discontinued and replaced by a newer, more updated version which is called Citrix Gateway. Refer to our article on Citrix Gateway for details.

Citrix Access Gateway Benefits

Licensing for Citrix Gateway

Citrix can provide you either Platform or Universal license files when you install Citrix Gateway. To access your available licenses and generate a license file, you go to the Citrix website. You save the license file to your computer after it has been generated. After you’ve downloaded the license file to your computer, you’ll need to upload it to Citrix Gateway.

Platinum License

Users can connect to published applications on Citrix Virtual Apps or virtual desktops from Citrix Virtual Desktops with the Platform license. Citrix Receiver connections do not require a Citrix Gateway Universal license. Only the Platform license is required for these connections.

Universal License

The number of concurrent user sessions is limited by the number of licenses acquired with the Citrix Gateway universal license. You can have 100 concurrent sessions at any moment if you buy 100 licenses. You can have 500 concurrent sessions at any moment if you buy a Standard edition license. A license is released for the next user when a user concludes a session.

Parallels RAS: An Alternative to Citrix Access Gateway

Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) incorporates Secure Gateways under the same license, keeping the cost low and also provides centralized management. No matter how small or large your organization, IT Teams have complete control of capabilities and features from the same console—no need for expensive hardware add-ons. In addition, you can deploy more than one Secure Gateway and keep them load-balanced with the High Availability Load Balancer (HALB) appliance, which was developed to provide high availability load balancing, and is offered under the same all-inclusive license.

Parallels RAS also supports public, on-premises and hybrid cloud deployment models.

Download your 30-day evaluation period of Parallels RAS today and provide secure and load-balanced remote access to your organization’s resources.