Citrix Presentation Server: Now Citrix Virtual Apps

Citrix Presentation Server is one of the many previous iterations of the product we currently call Citrix Virtual Apps. We say one of the many because, aside from Presentation Server, there were other product names prior to Virtual Apps. Arranged chronologically, some of those names include the following: 

If you’re wondering if the number of name changes might have confused users, you’re absolutely right. In fact, some of the name changes were carried out in rapid succession. MetaFrame XP was the official name in 2002. This was changed to MetaFrame XP Presentation Server in 2003, and then Presentation Server in 2005. 

What does it do? 

All of these products provided remote application functionality. So, basically, Presentation Server and all its previous and current iterations allowed you to install software applications (like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) on a server(s) and then access those applications remotely from a laptop, PC, thin client, tablet, or smartphone. End users use these applications as if they were installed locally on their device.  

Differences between Citrix Presentation Server and Citrix Virtual Apps 

Aside from obviously some new features in Citrix Virtual Apps, perhaps the biggest difference between Citrix Presentation Server and Citrix Virtual Apps is that the former still used the Independent Management Architecture (IMA). Virtual Apps, as well as more recent versions of XenApp (starting with version 7—yes, the one briefly named XenDesktop) were already based on the Flex Management Architecture (FMA).  

Name Changes Aren‘t All That’s Confusing  

While these name changes can certainly be confusing, they should be the least of your worries. When you start acquiring these Citrix products, you may also end up purchasing a number of interconnected products (components) like Delivery Controllers, Citrix Studio, Citrix Director, StoreFront, and others. Furthermore, you have to deal with different licensing models, product editions and product lines. 

Remote Application Delivery Doesn’t Have to be Complicated 

If all you’re looking for is a remote application delivery solution, an alternative option is Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS). Parallels RAS is an all-in-one remote working solution that’s easy to deploy, configure, and maintain. Users can access their virtual applications and desktops from anywhere, on any device, at any time.  Best of all, unlike Citrix Virtual Apps, its licensing is uncomplicatedand its pricing is cost-effective.  


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