Case Study: Evolve IT Australia Rides Digital Transformation Wave with Parallels

Melbourne-based IT consultancy taps new Parallels Partner Program to enhance portfolio of services and drive business expansion.

Business Situation Summary

Evolve IT Australia is an award-winning IT services company based out of Melbourne. The company has a long history of providing innovative and effective managed technology and support to small and mid-sized companies throughout Australia. Established as a family business back in 1993, Evolve IT Australia continues to deliver the latest digital transformation solutions to its clients while keeping up with the latest technology trends.

Solution Summary

The newly upgraded Parallels Partner Program is re-designed for the evolving channel landscape and a new breed of channel partners committed to helping their customers succeed in cutting-edge technology, such as enterprise mobility and cloud computing. Centralized tools and dedicated channel support help channel partners cut operating costs, accelerate sales growth, and increase profit margins.

Results Summary

By embracing the new Parallels Partner Program, Evolve IT Australia has expanded its portfolio of managed service offerings to successfully deliver more impactful cloud and mobility solutions to a broader group of customers. The company has seen 20 percent year-on-year revenue growth for the past three years, doubled its staff, and is on track to further expand its services to cover more cities and territories in Australia.

Evolve IT Introduction

Evolve ITEstablished in 1993, Evolve IT Australia is an award-winning IT services company based out of Melbourne. The company has a long history of providing innovative and effective managed technology and support to small and mid-sized businesses throughout Australia.

Evolve IT Australia believes in adopting innovative approaches to help clients solve genuine business problems by putting together impactful IT solutions.

“We’re not a company interested in just slapping together a few software tools and calling it a solution,” said Bernard Moran, general manager of Evolve IT Australia. “This isn’t helping anyone and certainly not bringing any positive business outcomes for our clients. The IT challenges that many businesses face today require more than Band-Aid solutions. That’s why we pride ourselves on a close partnership with our clients to resolve their business pain points through the focused application of technology solutions.”

In particular, the company helps clients demystify the cloud by putting together simple-to-use cloud computing solutions that empower them to be more agile and secure while reducing IT costs.

“Thanks to the power of cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service™, we can quickly deploy and implement customized solutions such as Office 365 and Parallels® Remote Application Server,” Moran added.

Evolve IT Australia serves clients across all industry verticals, including distribution, manufacturing, finance, real estate, medical, and legal, as well as many charities and not-for-profit organizations. Over the years, they have developed bespoke IT solutions for hundreds of clients across Australia, managing thousands of technology assets. Learn more here.

Business situation and challenge

While Evolve IT Australia has enjoyed consistent business growth since inception, the IT landscape in Australia is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. Many channel resellers are being kept on their toes as they attempt to scale up to provide higher-value services to secure reasonable margins, while others find themselves running after volume sales to cover low margins.

During this industry-wide disruption, the traditional challenges that channel partners grapple with persist.

For example, consider the following classic dilemma: a great software engineer may not be the best at sales, while a great salesperson may not effectively understand the technical wizardry behind the products he or she is selling. This means substantial investment in constantly training and re-training all staff to ensure that staff teamwork is seamless and skillsets are kept up to speed.

Partners may also find marketing and business development efforts a challenge due to the breadth and depth of products and solutions they offer. In these cases, they will typically leverage the resources of vendors like Parallels in areas such as the production of marketing materials and collaterals, new product demonstrations and training for its staff, and technical documentation and support for end users.

Despite these challenges, Evolve IT Australia remains committed to delivering nothing but the best IT solutions tailored for its customers’ business needs. According to Gartner, IT spending in Australia is projected to rise to almost $85 billion AUD in 2017, and Evolve IT Australia is determined to emerge as one of the industry’s success stories.

“Much of our success is driven by word-of-mouth referrals, and most of our clients are recommended by people who love who we are and what we do,” said Moran. “With the right partnership and support, we’re confident that we can grow to greater strength in the coming years.”

“Parallels has always been a steadfast partner and an integral part of our success, so we’re happy to see them constantly making enhancements to how they collaborate with partners for mutual success.”

Tapping on the upgraded Parallels Partner Program for business growth

Launched in November 2016, the upgraded Parallels Partner Program and portal is a simple, fast, and costeffective way for Parallels Partners to accelerate sales growth and increase profit margins.

The upgraded Parallels Partner Program instruments allow partners like Evolve IT Australia to leverage a “onestop shop” approach, using the following key features:

Having been a Parallels Partner for the past nine years, Evolve IT Australia welcomed the improvements with open arms.