Case Study: FuTec Systems Uses Parallels RAS to Provide Customized Healthcare Applications for Medical Professionals

Company Overview: FuTec Systems

Netherlands-based FuTec Systems (about) is an information and communication technology (ICT) service provider for the healthcare sector. A reliable partner with a proven track record, FuTec Systems provides complete, high-quality ICT services at competitive market rates. FuTec is an important partner for the healthcare sector, standing for sustainable thinking and practice using state-of-the-art technology.

The Challenge: Medical application delivery to desktops and mobile devices

When support for Propalms Thinspace ended, FuTec found itself in the market for an application publishing solution that could deliver customized medical software to professionals in the healthcare sector. The company, which defines itself as a managed service provider (MSP), serves applications to various desktops and mobile devices, such as Windows, Mac®, Android™, iOS, and Google Chromebook™. The MSP also required a solution that would provide desktop management features to help with remote assistance, as well as to save time on IT administration activities. The medical application publishing solution would need to be able to serve more than 250 concurrent users at once.

The Solution: Parallels RAS provides seamless access to medical applications

Following serious investigation and research, the FuTec team decided to install Parallels® Remote Application Server (RAS) to provide comprehensive application delivery to their customers in the medical field. Parallels RAS allowed the MSP to provide seamless application delivery to any devices their customers deployed— including Android and iOS. Furthermore, the company is able to provide remote access through HTML5 web browser clients.

Parallels RAS is a comprehensive virtualization solution that allowed FuTec’s healthcare partners to offer improved services to patients. Now the medical staff has secure, real-time information at its fingertips, allowing staff to deliver medical analysis and solutions to patients in a timely manner. Using the Parallels RAS single dashboard interface, FuTec was able to bring down overhead by centralizing delivery and management of medical and non-medical applications.

Key Benefits: Offer customers secure, comprehensive, and affordable solution

Experiencing many benefits after switching to Parallels RAS, FuTec found that installing the comprehensive, high-availability solution was easy to do in a short time period with lower overhead. The MSP benefited from time-saving management wizards during the pain-free installation and deployment. FuTec was also able to migrate healthcare professional end users to Parallels RAS in a few hours rather than months, as could have been the case with more complicated virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software.

Parallels RAS also allowed the MSP to extend bring-your-own-device (BYOD) support for end-user devices at healthcare organizations—without needing to touch them or interact in any way with the operating systems. Parallels RAS helped FuTec provide clinicians instant and secure access to medical applications and patient information on nearly any device, anywhere. Importantly, the healthcare professionals were highly impressed by the great mobile experience for phones and tablets, which made it easier to provide premium patient care on a consistent basis. With the all-in-one remote medical application access solution provided by Parallels RAS, FuTec Systems was able to lower costs, which improved both their competitiveness and improved the company’s margins.

“Now, when our customers say they have Mac or iPad devices deployed, we say no problem because we’re using Parallels RAS!” –Patrick Huisman, Operations Manager, FuTec Systems

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