Some Issues with Citrix Might Be Too Hard to Ignore

Businesses May Experience Major Issues with Citrix

issues with citrixOrganizations that have invested in Citrix environments might get frustrated by the complexity and time required to configure and maintain. A lot of technical issues they encounter might be too complicated, resulting in service disruption and dependence on third-party certified Citrix specialists.

1. Login problems

Some of the issues occur right at the start, during user logins. Either login takes too long to complete or fail altogether. If this happens in a healthcare organization, where each medical staff logs in to multiple applications per day, and the delay is 10-20 seconds per login, that can add up to more than a hundred wasted hours per day—precious hours that could have been spent on patient care.

2. Remote desktop not launching

Even if users do log in successfully, that doesn’t mean they’re in the clear. Sometimes, after users load the Citrix Receiver and click on a desktop icon, that desktop fails to launch. Although it could sometimes be just an isolated problem that affects only one person, there are times when the issues are widespread, affecting several departments or entire networks. Cases like these can severely impact productivity.

3. Receiver not launching applications

Because a lot of the underlying infrastructure in a Citrix environment is shared by both virtual apps and desktops, what can happen to desktops can happen to applications. That means an individual or all applications may not launch as well. If the affected application is mission-critical, that issue can have severe implications on overall productivity.

4. Could not load error message

Most slow logins and failed applications or desktop launches are already hard to troubleshoot. But what can aggravate the problem, even more, is when you receive an error message—or worse, an error message doesn’t load at all. When this happens, system admins won’t know where to start or can’t provide enough information to third-party support.

5. Printing Problems 

One of the other sticking problems with Citrix deployments are printing issues. Citrix suffers from slow printing across its network. It does not offer advanced printing features with Citrix Universal print driver that does not use nonstandard keywords. Citrix printer also faces the issue of print jobs not appearing in the printer when end users connect to the Citrix environment using force tunneling in VPN-based access. Sometimes printers do not appear in the session and printing stops working suddenly, thus requiring extensive troubleshooting 

Why are there so many issues with Citrix?

The main cause of these issues is the overly complicated architecture of Citrix environments. There are just too many moving parts with too many interdependencies. If one part fails, several other components are affected. For instance, a seemingly simple log in issue can potentially originate from any of the many components, like the XML Broker, NetScaler, StoreFront, Delivery Controller, Session Host/VDI or Active Directory.

Avoiding issues with Citrix altogether

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