"Parallels RAS has saved our business significant amounts with their straightforward licensing plans. And the out-of-the-box load balancing has been great for improving the distribution of incoming network traffic!"

Philipp Ansbacher
Team Leader System Integration, 4SELLERS

The challenge

Modern goods and services need to be delivered in near real-time, and the increasing complexity of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems places high demands on employees.

4SELLERS aims to provide a system that allows clients to control the resources of their companies while increasing productivity.

In addition to inventory management, 4SELLERS offers accounting, controlling, documentation, and workflow management capabilities in their complete professional e-commerce software.

Their organization desired an IT solution that provides virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and remote applications for clients, but without the challenges and costs associated with its configuration and maintenance.

They wanted a comprehensive solution that eliminated the need for third-party add-ons to perform basic tasks such as load balancing and printing redirection.

The IT team wanted to be sure that their solution was sufficiently straightforward and that it wouldn't require expensive external consultants.

The solution

After examining the top options, 4SELLERS decided to implement Parallels RAS to support multi-cloud deployments to drive everyday workloads for their clients.

They realized the benefits immediately, because there was no need for third-party add-ons such as load balancing through Citrix NetScaler.

As Parallels RAS is an all-in-one solution, gateway high availability load balancing and server load balancing are included in the standard licensing.

Furthermore, Parallels RAS offers a single licensing model for all users, permitting 4SELLERS customers to use the full power of the software right from the start.

Parallels RAS allows 4SELLERS to publish applications such as Microsoft 365, while offering support for Windows, Mac, and Android devices.

Moreover, Parallels RAS offers best-in-class mobile access and user-friendly virtualization features that aid in the transition to remote office environments.

The migration to Parallels RAS was quick and seamless—transferring end users took mere hours in contrast to fears that the process could take days.

The result

Parallels RAS enables any organization to leverage the advantages of cloud computing immediately.

4SELLERS has been able to help customers implement choose-your-own-device (CYOD) policies while providing instant access to all corporate applications and remote session-based desktops.

Parallels RAS has presented 4SELLERS end users with a superb mobile experience, enabling native gestures such as swipe, zoom, and tap-to-click in both iOS and Android—increasing the productivity of remote workers.

Thanks to the introduction of Parallels RAS, clients of 4SELLERS can extend their hardware lifecycle and increase data security with measures such as multifactor authentication.

These benefits, along with a considerably more affordable licensing model, have resulted in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) compared with other leading virtual­ization options.

By utilizing Parallels RAS, the German-based independent software vendor can focus on effective processes and intelligent ERP systems for clients to further advance their online commerce.

4SELLERS is very pleased with their highly capable, reliable, and secure virtual solution.

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