"Parallels RAS has served as an excellent upgrade from our previous solution. We have fixed our reliability issues and have really appreciated the great service from the Parallels support team. Installation of the product was fast and easy, and the few times we’ve asked for support, the Parallels team was quick and helpful in response."

Nathan Wisniewski
Support Team Leader
AIM Smarter, Limited

AIM Smarter®️ builds and provides tools in the promotional products industry and accelerates business success at every level. In less than 15 years, AIM has become the largest organization of experienced and qualified promotional product distributors in the industry, with sales volume over $2 billion and climbing.

The ChallengeThe need for a quicker, simpler, and more streamlined solution

AIM’s focus has been on a global strategy with a streamlined objective to support the supply chain at every stage.

With teams in the UK and USA, AIM needed a remote solution that would facilitate the offices to work closely in sync and enable them to share access to their in-house business management software with clients worldwide.

The AIM IT leadership initially chose to use Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops but were disappointed to encounter faulty connections and an overall unreliable product. Frustrations increased as users would have to log in every time the Citrix solution disconnected.

The TestWill Parallels RAS be more reliable, inexpensive, and supportive?

AIM decided the Citrix solution was taking up too much staff time and looked for alternatives.

AIM Smarter needed a solution that would allow their offices to work closely, remotely, and in sync to enable them to share their in-house business management software with clients worldwide.

Furthermore, they needed a reliable solution that was easy to deploy, would reduce costs, support all end-users, and eliminate their need to install add-ons.

The SolutionParallels RAS eliminated the need for add-ons and was seamlessly installed

After researching the top virtualization solutions, AIM decided to implement Parallels RAS.

The AIM IT team wanted a reliable solution that is easy to deploy, and they were impressed with the quick and seamless installation of Parallels RAS.

Parallels RAS came fully loaded after basic installation, eliminating the need to install add-ons.

It supports all end-users no matter the device and platform, including desktops, laptops, and iOS.

The High Availability Load Balancer (HALB) functionality utilized failover mechanisms to reduce or eliminate a component failure's effects, ensuring that end-users get a dependable and stable experience.

AIM clients are also pleased by the simple and effective universal printing and scanning capabilities.

The ResultsA fast, secure, and inexpensive solution

AIM has found Parallels RAS to be more reliable than their previous solution with improved connectivity.

The IT team appreciates how fast and secure the Parallels RAS log-in is. The comprehensive set of features included in Parallels RAS has enabled AIM to improve data protection and adhere to compliance regulations.

"We are very satisfied with Parallels RAS. Its effortless integration enables us to spend less time on IT issues and more on expanding our brand and shaping the future of the promotional products industry."

Nathan Wisniewski
Support Team Leader
AIM Smarter, Limited

An unexpected benefit of switching to Parallels RAS was a reduction in costs–the single licensing model of Parallels RAS is more cost-effective than Citrix.

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