“When the pandemic began in early 2020, we were able to deliver remote work solutions much faster [using Parallels RAS] than other companies in our local sector.”

David Beahan
Victor Hernandez
CIO, Amadita Laboratorio Clinico

Amadita Laboratorio Clinico has been located in the Dominican Republic for more than 50 years. It has grown in both quantity and diversity of services over time which led to the use of multiple technologies and applications to support its core business.

They handle confidential medical information and carry out tests and treatments using state-of-the-art technology and competitive prices.

There was a need to support both on-premises employees as well as those working on the road, from home, and other locations.

The ChallengeAccessing multiple applications in a hybrid work environment

Since key applications need to be accessed quickly and perform optimally, Amadita Laboratorio Clinico realized they needed a technical solution that would help them accomplish the following:

  • Enable the smooth operation of day-to-day tasks, such as recording patient attendance and notes.
  • Allow employees to perform their job functions quickly and efficiently.
  • Maintain IT support across multiple departments, such as finance, logistics, and customer service.
  • Support on-premises and remote employees who use a variety of devices to perform work, including computers, laptops, iPads, and cell phones.
  • Enable employees to perform certain financial tasks on the road, such as approving financial transactions and issuing invoices.

The company was also using an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to handle their finance needs, which was not optimized to be used remotely. As such, Amadita Laboratorio Clinico wanted a solution to this challenge as well.

The Test Will Parallels RAS be the catalyst to solve the technical issues?

The many requirements Amadita Laboratorio Clinico was facing became a huge challenge for their IT department, with administrators looking for ways to solve issues across both Windows and macOS. The company not only needed a new solution—they needed one that would be fast and efficient to use, and that would take minimal time to get up and running.

Amadita Laboratorio Clinico got to work evaluating local and international solutions while investigating features such as application and desktop virtualization in both on-premises and cloud solutions.

The company investigated several solutions, including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (formerly Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop), VCloudPoint, NComputing, and vSpace before deciding to go with Parallels RAS.

A key factor in the decision-making process was each solution’s compatibility with certain frequently used accessories, including:

  • Document scanning.
  • Signature pads.
  • Touch screens (to enable iPad use).
  • Printing capabilities.

The SolutionParallels RAS chosen for compatibility and affordability

Amadita Laboratorio Clinico reached out to Parallels and worked closely with their engineering team to see if Parallels RAS could meet their lengthy requirements.

During this process, the Parallels team was able to show that Parallels RAS is not just a solution, but a fully integrated service that would be able to meet all Amadita Laboratorio Clinico’s needs. For example, Parallels RAS offers remote desktop printing with Universal Printing, which allows users to print directly to their local printers without any extra configurations.

Amadita Laboratorio Clinico also did a cost-benefit analysis (CBA) to see which solution would be the most affordable.

Parallels RAS had the fastest return on investment (ROI) and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

The solution was clear: Parallels RAS was the right choice for Amadita Laboratorio Clinico.

Without Parallels RAS, it would have been very difficult for the company to find a solution that went above and beyond in providing them with everything they needed for their healthcare employees to work efficiently and productively whether they were on-premises, working remotely, or a hybrid of both.

The ResultFast, Easy Remote Work, Improved Data Security, and Increased IT Agility

Since Amadita Laboratorio Clinico implemented Parallels RAS, they’ve seen very positive results.

Parallels RAS enabled the business to keep running and attending to patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and has helped set the company up for success regardless of what future disruptions may occur.

Parallels RAS also enables Amadita Laboratorio Clinico to use their legacy ERP program, which has helped them save on software costs and employee training, all while maintaining productivity.

The company has since increased the number of employees using Parallels RAS by 100% year-over-year, which helped it maintain critical momentum when COVID-19 first hit.

Since Parallels RAS was fully implemented, Amadita Laboratorio Clinico has been able to employ a hybrid workforce throughout all their departments with employees working from home or on-site using whatever device or OS they’re most comfortable with.

“With the Parallels RAS implementation, we were able to initiate a proof of concept with thin client workstations by testing multiple device models as well as Windows and macOS clients. We were able to deliver internal applications to customers with Mac devices who previously needed to be inside the company to use them.”

David Beahan
Victor Hernandez
CIO, Amadita Laboratorio Clinico

Key benefits Amadita Laboratorio Clinico now enjoys thanks to Parallels RAS include:

  1. Enhanced data security. Parallels RAS enables the company to manage their Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates in one place so that they meet healthcare industry regulations and compliance standards.
  2. Easy remote work. Employees can continue working on active applications and desktops even when switching between networks. The Parallels HTML5 client can also be customized to fit specific departments or user demands.
  3. Greater IT agility. The flexible and scalable architecture of Parallels RAS enables the organization to continuously adapt workplace changes and demands for new applications or desktop types.

Amadita Laboratorio Clinico also experienced an unexpected benefit: their applications run faster and smoother in the Parallels RAS environment than on their previous client server—something their end users greatly appreciate.

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