"We had difficulty with load balancing when we were on Microsoft RDS by itself. Now that we are on Parallels RAS, we use server and network load balancing all the time."

Stuart Allan
IT Director, Esperanza Health Center

The ChallengeA new virtualization solution that will allow for more functionality within their budget.

Before Parallels RAS, Esperanza Health Center relied on Microsoft RDS alone to provide concurrent access to shared health-related applications to between 101 and 250 client users. The healthcare professionals at the organization needed access to GE Healthcare Centricity 12.2 to reach and manipulate electronic medical records.

Furthermore, the organization wanted to have a mobile-enabled workforce with a bring-your-own device (BYOD) policy available. Healthcare employees used a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac®, Android, iPhone®, iPad®, and Microsoft Surface.

With Microsoft RDS, Esperanza Health Center found that their virtualization was limited in terms of functionality. There were certain user-friendly features, such as server load balancing, that were difficult to implement. In addition, the reporting tools were not strong enough to meet the organization’s needs.

To simplify and build a more powerful virtual application solution for EMS software delivery, Esperanza Health Center decided to search for an application publishing solution that would give them more functionality while remaining within budget.

The SolutionParallels RAS chosen to streamline application and desktop delivery at a low cost.

Esperanza Health Center ultimately decided to use Parallels RAS because of its easy implementation and favorable price point compared to Citrix.

For Esperanza Health Center, the benefits of enhancing Microsoft RDS with Parallels RAS included streamlined application and desktop delivery, straightforward deployment and enterprise range features out of the box.

The ResultsMore efficient care for patients via easily accessible and reliable applications.

After deployment, IT staff at Esperanza Health Center were able to leverage the centralized management tools offered by Parallels RAS while optimizing the server network through automated load balancing. As a result, employees could access applications faster and more reliably while in remote locations— even on mobile devices.

Allan, IT Director at Esperanza Health, pointed out that the Parallels RAS wizards simplified many time-consuming tasks such as load balancing. The organization could also implement bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies for its employees, allowing them to provide more efficient care for their patients.

Finally, 24x7 tech support from Parallels RAS has served Allan and his team greatly. No matter what time of day, Allan found there is always a support crew ready to work with him to help him with all of Esperanza Health Center’s virtualization needs.

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