"Parallels has always been a steadfast partner and an integral part of our success, so we're happy to see them constantly making enhancements to their products and collaborating with partners for mutual success."

Bernard Moran
Bernard Moran
General Manager

The ChallengeScaling technical, sales, and marketing capabilities to meet growth challenges.

Evolve IT serves clients across all industry verticals, including distribution, manufacturing, finance, real estate, medical and legal, and many charities and not-for-profit organizations. Over the years, they have developed bespoke IT solutions for hundreds of clients across Australia, managing thousands of technology assets.

While Evolve IT has enjoyed consistent business growth since its inception, Australia's IT landscape is becoming increasingly competitive and complex. Many channel resellers are being kept on their toes as they attempt to scale up to provide higher-value services to secure reasonable margins, while others run after volume sales to cover low margins. During this industry-wide disruption, the traditional channels that Channel partners grapple with persist.

Partners may also find marketing and business development efforts a challenge due to the breadth and depth of products and solutions they offer.

The TestHow can MSPs enhance portfolio of services and drive business expansion.

Despite their challenges, Evolve IT remained committed to delivering the best IT solutions tailored for its customers' business needs. Evolve IT was determined to emerge as one of the industry success stories, so they tried out new solutions.

MSP decided to leverage vendors using Parallels in areas such as the production of marketing materials and collaterals, new product demonstrations and training for staff, technical documentation and support for end users.

While testing the Parallels Partner Program and Portal, they found it to be a simple, fast, and cost-effective way for Parallels Partners to accelerate sales growth and increase profit margins.

The SolutionSales and technical enablement via the Parallels Partner Program.

The upgraded Parallels Partner Program allow partners like Evolve IT to leverage a one-stop-shop approach using the following key features:

  • Partner business plans to assist resellers in setting targets and tracking progress in real time.
  • Partner readiness with built-in Learning Management System (LMS), where Partners can get technical and sales certification while checking their certification status.
  • Partner pipeline management—including Deal Registration and Lead Acceptance and Renewals Management—fully integrated with Parallels’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal.
  • Single source for the latest Parallels RAS licensing, technical support, and sales and marketing materials for partners’ consumption.
  • Two-way partner communication platform with automated notifications.

The ResultsQuick and easy integration with Microsoft Azure to deliver scalable VDI solutions for customers.

Evolve IT experienced many benefits after switching to Parallels RAS. Integration with Microsoft Azure's cloud-service platform meant that the MSP could scale its solution more easily in the future and provide more flexibility to its customers.

Above all, Evolve IT’s top reason for choosing Parallels RAS over Citrix was automated load balancing. As an all-inclusive VDI solution, critical functionality features, such as load balancing, are included as standard. Private cloud-based resources can be used more efficiently, improving virtualization stability for customers.

Another benefit of Parallels RAS is that the entire solution could be set up on their private cloud within 5 minutes. In contrast, installing Citrix solutions took months and was an ongoing, unfinished project that sank company resources and time.

Importantly, Evolve IT was able to lower costs by implementing Parallels RAS. SPLA licensing made the VDI solution particularly attractive, with its comprehensive set of features, including multifactor authentication and printer redirection.

Evolve IT was able to take advantage of the mobile-friendly end-user experience afforded by Parallels RAS to help their customers implement Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and choose-your-own-device (CYOB) policies. Using Parallels RAS, Evolve IT could connect nearly any remote device to their private cloud server and deliver a close to native experience to end users on any device, including Android and iOS.

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