"Parallels RAS has proven to be a perfect solution for our organization, providing a world-class virtualization experience that has reduced our IT complexity and improved our operations."

Filippo Mancurti
Filippo Mancurti
IT Manager

The ChallengeFinding a virtualization solution that offers little to no complexity.

GEA is a company experiencing continued growth in national and foreign markets due to its drive to offer a variety of innovative services.

As the business continued to grow, the leaders at GEA realized the need for a remote working solution to provide access to virtual desktops and applications for a growing workforce.

They needed to implement a robust virtual desktop infrastructure that would allow employees to work efficiently from anywhere in the world, fostering productivity and flexibility within the company.

The TestWhich virtualization solution could offer GEA a central and simple remote server console?

The company initially adopted Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) as their virtualization solution however, frustrations began when IT administrators realized that they would need to individually configure every component via different management consoles by logging into different servers—there was no central dedicated console.

The issue, combined with difficulty scaling and dissatisfaction with client device support, caused GEA's IT leaders to look at Parallels RAS as an alternative solution.

The SolutionParallels RAS chosen due to reduced IT complexity and improved operations.

GEA explored numerous alternatives to Microsoft RDS before choosing to implement Parallels RAS which enhances RDS functionality. It's easy to install and enables the GEA IT team to provide comprehensive application delivery, remote assistance and user management immediately after installation.

Parallels RAS has published all the applications GEA requires, from the basics such as word processing software and browsers to the more complex custom applications, ERP, and CAD software. The GE team was impressed with the compatibility of Parallels RAS, integrating seamlessly with their previous cloud, hypervisor, and thin client solutions. Now GEA employees can access their work from their devices of choice, with GEA supporting PC's, Mac computers, smartphones and tablets.

GEA frequently uses High Availability Load Balancing (HALB) functionality included with Parallels RAS. Enterprise-range features such as HALB, multifactor authentication, Universal Printing and the Client Manager have helped GEA reduce IT complexity and improve their operations.

The ResultsCost-savings, extended hardware lifecycle, ability to work from any device.

Beyond the intangible benefits of a more relaxed IT team, GEA also experienced more measurable changes to their IT budget and security. Parallels RAS provides a more cost-effective solution than Microsoft RDS, lowering the total cost of ownership. GEA has been able to extend the IT hardware lifecycle by reducing the demand for new hardware and providing employees with the ability to work from any device.

While remote accessibility has been critical, especially since COVID-19, GEA is happy that they do not have to sacrifice security. The multifactor authentication provided by Parallels RAS enables employees to work from anywhere—with the confidence that their data is safe.

Overall, GEA has found Parallels RAS to be an ideal solution for their needs, enabling them to focus on designing and building electrical systems and control panels for modern machinery.

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