"We needed a reliable solution that allowed our customers to connect from their systems to Mastex Software. With Parallels RAS, our connection issues were resolved, which satisfied our customers."

Peter Van Driel
Managing Director, Mastex Software

The challenge

Mastex Software publishes its proprietary software, MXSuite, and other applications such as MS Office, Adobe Reader, and AutoCAD Viewer.

The company previously used RemoteApp (built-in to Windows Server 2008 R2) to publish applications to remote users over RDP protocol. However, Mastex Software found that there were security-related issues with RemoteApp.

RemoteApp was using the default internet port, which was often blocked by firewalls.

Moreover, limitations with group policies in the customer environment did not allow them to connect to another domain.

Frequent downtimes wasted time for support agents as well as customers.

End users faced many challenges when connecting to the data center, so they required a lot of assistance, making the software inefficient.

Consequently, Mastex Software started looking for a reliable virtualization tool that could seamlessly deliver applications to remote users.

The solution

Mastex Software chose Parallels RAS to publish desktops and virtual applications to their remote user base of 100 total users with 35 concurrent users at any time.

Additionally, Mastex Software used Windows Server Remote Desktop Services (RDS) to drive its virtual environment.

The most important features used by the company are application publishing, the Parallels RAS Web Portal, and the HTML5 Gateway.

After the switch to Parallels RAS, connection issues were resolved. Customers didn’t have to spend extra time connecting to the SaaS environment.

Furthermore, before the switch to Parallels RAS, support was non-existent, leading Mastex Software to resolve issues by searching for solutions online. Nonetheless, after the switch, they did not need much of a support system because the Parallels RAS solution worked so effectively.

The result

With Parallels RAS, Mastex Software found a reliable solution that enables smooth and easy connections between customers and their IT environment.

Customers can easily connect to the master software from their systems. In addition, since connection problems were largely eliminated, customers are satisfied with the performance and reliability of the software.

One notable feature is the ability to set up and manage all connection properties from a single centralized console with Parallels RAS.

Another benefit Mastex Software realized is improved efficiency.

Security issues have also been resolved.

Moreover, Mastex Software can provide a rich experience to end users.

While the company doesn’t have any immediate expansion plans, they believe Parallels RAS will remain a component of their current infrastructure and a key part of any future expansion.

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