"We appreciate the out-of-the-box capabilities; all of our devices are fully supported."

Ben Chewter
Senior Developer Team Lead, Onguard

Every day, users in more than 50 countries use the Onguard platform to successfully manage and achieve tangible results to cash (O2C) and credit management.

In the last 30 years, Onguard has evolved from being a specialist in credit management software to being a market leader in innovative solutions for O2C.

Their integrated platform ensures an optimal connection of all processes in the O2C chain and allows sharing of critical data.

Intelligent, interconnected tools offer an overview and control of the payment process, as well as contribute to sustainable customer relationships.

The company’s mission is to build more resilient businesses by reducing the risks associated with cash flow—vital to global firms.

The challenge

A decentralized structure made for inefficient migration and remote work.

Previously, Onguard had implemented remote desktop applications through Microsoft RDS.

However, Onguard encountered challenges when employees attempted to migrate user data via remote application.

The company was unsatisfied with their ability to automate and centralize uploads and other simple processes.

IT costs increased with the need for more consultations regarding issues such as load balancing and increasing end-user service requests.

The IT department wanted to streamline remote assistance activity, which would help address technical issues on end user devices connected to the on-premises network.

The company looked to improve remote and cloud-based processes so that attention could be focused on furthering innovative solutions for O2C.

The solution

Parallels RAS streamlines processes and facilitates software management for Onguard.

They thoroughly explored industry-leading options pertaining to virtual applications and remote desktop alternatives.

Parallels RAS was eventually selected due to its functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Parallels RAS is a full-blown virtual desktop and application delivery solution. It includes simple patching/updates to all VDI clones, smart server load balancing, automatic client configuration, and ready-to-go shadowing features that make technical support easy for administrators and end users alike.

The out-of-the-box technical features, cost-saving licensing options, and third-party support made Parallels RAS an easy and effective choice for Onguard.

Onguard has saved time and money plus reduced the need for expensive add-ons and costly consultations.

The result

This all-in-one solution increased productivity while lowering Onguard’s IT budget.

The transition to Parallels RAS surpassed the Onguard IT team’s expectations for both simplicity and speed.

The team especially enjoyed the simplicity of the setup, which offered immediate solutions without the need to refer to extensive technical documentation.

Previously, Onguard was concerned about end user migration, but Parallels RAS migrated users over faster and in a more organized fashion than anticipated.

Since upgrading to Parallels RAS, Onguard has been able to reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO) with straightforward licensing, increased load balancing efficiency, and a reduced need for support and external consulting.

Onguard employees appreciate the full mobile functionality and support for Windows, Mac, HTML5 Client, Linux, and all common mobile operating systems.

It was previously unimaginable that these devices and systems could interact in such a fluid and efficient manner, increasing productivity and worker satisfaction by enabling them to use their device(s) of choice.

The comprehensive remote application access environment of Parallels RAS took Onguard’s efficiency and organization to new heights. This alone would have been significant but combined with reducing TCO and the need for additional upgrades, Onguard is very pleased with their decision to choose Parallels RAS.

Additionally, reduced demand for end user support has allowed Onguard to focus its efforts on expanding its market leadership position for innovative IT solutions.

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