"Parallels RAS is the ideal solution for our needs, especially after our initial challenges with Citrix. Our operations are streamlined and we’ve eliminated the need for costly Citrix experts, resulting in significant cost savings. And our team can now work from anywhere without disruption."

Richard van der Zwaag
Richard van der Zwaag
IT Manager, ProfytoDSD Crop Protection

A Parallels customer since 2018, ProfytoDSD Crop Protection serves farmers in the Netherlands, providing them with guidance to achieve the highest crop yield and quality. The primary goal is to minimize, or ideally, prevent the waste of expensive pesticide resources.

ProfytoDSD employs a hybrid setup that combines cloud and on-premises solutions. In the cloud, they utilize Microsoft 365, leveraging services such as Exchange Online, Teams, and SharePoint.

Meanwhile, for their SQL-based ERP system, they maintain a server infrastructure with Parallels RAS at their headquarters in Emmeloord.

ProfytoDSD experiences seasonal fluctuations and turnover. During these critical periods, the reliable use and uninterrupted operation of their IT infrastructure are of paramount importance.

The challengeOvercoming IT hurdles with Microsoft RDS and Citrix financial constraints and complexity

ProfytoDSD leverages its warehouse for daily operations, including easy access for employees to run their main applications seamlessly and remotely. The key to this operational method is the automatic connection to the right server, eliminating the need for separate user profiles—something Microsoft RDS could not deliver.

ProfytoDSD was looking for:

  • A more cost-effective and budget-friendly alternative.
  • Streamlined and user-friendly interface.
  • Ability to facilitate remote work from various locations.

ProfytoDSD initially relied on Microsoft RDS, which fell short of meeting their requirements for a robust and dependable IT infrastructure. RDS required additional technical configurations at the endpoint to enable published apps for users.

ProfytoDSD also operated within a session-based environment using Citrix. However, the user interface was complicated, and it was a costly solution requiring Citrix experts to manage the environment.

In addition, Citrix licenses and the associated yearly maintenance were exorbitant.

Parallels RAS licensing proved to be more advantageous and fit within ProfytoDSD’s budget.

The testSolving the complexity puzzle of simplified testing and enhanced granular app management

ProfytoDSD reached out to their Reseller, Data Square, to source other solutions that would facilitate work from various locations, including remote branches, homes, and farm fields. Their recommendation was Parallels RAS.

It took one and a half hours to stand up an environment with Parallels RAS and IT Manager, Richard van der Zwaag, completed his testing in one day. Apps such as their custom-made CRM system, Microsoft Office applications, and specific branch applications worked flawlessly.

ProfytoDSD decided to take the next step and offer the trial to 20 users testing their main applications including their custom-made application and Microsoft Office applications.

Data Square wanted to take another look at Microsoft RDS and Citrix, but they quickly saw that published apps were difficult to test and it was not easy to achieve the type of granular user desktop/published app management ProfytoDSD Crop Protection desired.

Within six weeks, at the advice of Data Square, ProfytoDSD made the decision to move forward with Parallels RAS as their apps and desktop publishing solution.

"When minutes matter, Parallels RAS delivered in 1 ½ hours."

Richard van der Zwaag
Richard van der Zwaag
IT Manager, ProfytoDSD Crop Protection

The solutionEnhancing security, mobility, and device management

With Parallels RAS, the simplicity of remote access was greatly enhanced. End users could install the Parallels client themselves via a URL and login credentials, whereas before they had to request it from their IT provider, Data Square. This allowed users to start working with the published apps immediately.

The following capabilities have been key in supporting ProfytdoDSD’s business objectives:

  • High availability load balancing (HALB): This feature prevents server overload when the number of users accessing applications and desktops varies; especially helpful during seasons of high fluctuation.
  • App publishing: Now ProfytdoDSD’s administration is streamlined, the user experience has improved, and their IT team can support work environments where mobility and remote work are essential.
  • Device management: Their data security is enhanced by the ability to control access by imposing minimal device security requirements (such as Windows build and patches) and other conditions (such as a subset of Microsoft PIM and PAM).

"From load balancing to fortified security, Parallels RAS has been instrumental in supporting ProfytoDSD's corporate growth, ensuring our network remains strong and resilient."

Richard van der Zwaag
Richard van der Zwaag
IT Manager, ProfytoDSD Crop Protection

The resultUnleashing ProfytoDSD's potential: how Parallels RAS drives enhanced security, simplicity, and savings

Parallels RAS has brought about significant improvements in several key areas for ProfytoDSD, including:

  1. Security: The built-in security features eliminate the need for additional solutions such as 2FA and the ability to restrict access to specific apps when users are outside the organization, similar to conditional access, which offers additional protection.
  2. Ease of use: Managing apps and printers is effortless along with unified access to multiple session hosts via a Load Balancer. Employees in the field can work without disruption since they no longer need to deal with system failures.
  3. Cost savings: ProfytoDSD eliminated the need to allocate budget for a Citrix expert to maintain the environment.
  4. Time savings: Time savings have been significant due to improved stability and reduced interruptions logging in and out. IT savvy users can help themselves by accessing RDS apps and unlocking an occasional jammed remote app.

"We wholeheartedly endorse Parallels RAS. It serves as a dependable solution for our entire staff, enabling them to work securely, efficiently, and seamlessly from any location, including overseas connections via 4G/LTE. This cost-effective and powerful solution has consistently met our expectations, leaving us highly satisfied."

Richard van der Zwaag
Richard van der Zwaag
IT Manager, ProfytoDSD Crop Protection
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