"With over 2000 virtual machines, the centralized management provided by Parallels has prevented many headaches. Parallels RAS has greatly increased our client's mobility and access to resources"

Thierry Kramis
Thierry Kramis

The ChallengeFinding a virtualization solution that will allow customers to deploy virtual desktops and applications to any device as well as host ERP and CRM software.

Seabix prides itself on delivering superior service to match the needs of its diverse customer base. With many clients looking to remove their on-premises infrastructure, Seabix wanted to offer an affordable virtualization solution that would allow customers to deploy virtual desktops and applications to any device.

They needed a solution that was flexible enough to host enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software while being powerful enough to host processing heavy computer-aided drafting (CAD) models.

The TestWhich flexible solution will offer Seabix the ability to deploy virtual desktops to any device affordably?

Seabix initially explored using Ericom Blaze but encountered many limitations when it came to load balancing, scalability and automation.

Many tasks had to be performed manually by modifying configuration files and installing and configuring additional software—some of them from third parties. These challenges inspired Seabix to try Parallels RAS.

The SolutionParallels RAS chosen for ease of use and simplicity.

After looking at the top application management and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions, Seabix decided to go with Parallels RAS. Their previous solution required administrators to install and configure several different software components to build a complete solution, but Parallels RAS is fully loaded out of the box.

Seabix and their clients appreciate that high availability load balancing, universal printing and universal scanning require no extra configuration. Users are now able to access their resources on Android, Windows, iOS and thin clients regardless of geographical location. Administrators can set up sites in remote offices and manage them from a central location via a single dashboard.

The ResultsImplementation of BYOD policy, increased security, and detailed reporting.

Many of Seabix’s clients who maintain sensitive information are pleased by their new ability to gain remote accessibility without sacrificing security. Clients looking to increase mobility have been able to implement bring your own device (BYOD) policies.

Users are now able to work with virtual files and applications on various operating systems and devices. The reporting and monitoring capabilities of Parallels RAS have increased security by creating detailed reports about server usage, devices used and what applications are accessed.

The central management facilitated by the Parallels RAS console has filled the needs of the many Seabix clients looking to decrease their physical infrastructure. Overall, both administrators and clients have been satisfied with the complete VDI experience offered by Parallels RAS.

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