"As a medium-sized forwarding and logistics company we sometimes walk the line of needing a top-of-the-line solution without breaking the bank. Mixing best-in-class technologies and an affordable licensing plan, Parallels RAS is the solution we needed. Thanks to Parallels RAS we have noticed measurable improvements in performance and ease of use, while reducing the need for external IT consultations."

Lucas Wahl
IT Administrator, Spedition Barth GmbH

The challenge

Spedition Barth strives to offer a variety of innovative services. They create customized solutions based on a holistic service model focusing on people, processes, and technologies.

With more than 600 employees needing access to shared IT resources, Spedition Barth needed an application and desktop publishing solution to assist their employees in remaining productive —regardless of location.

The IT team initially experimented with Citrix Virtual Apps (previously XenApp) but were displeased by the amount of external support needed to install and maintain it.

Citrix’s steep price tag compounded frustrations with the complexity of the software.

Spedition Barth decided to explore other top alternatives in the hopes of saving staff time and company funds.

The solution

Spedition Barth researched top application management and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions thoroughly before deciding to implement Parallels RAS.

They immediately found benefits in lower costs, higher performance, and increased ease of use.

The IT team is so pleased with Parallels RAS, they have enabled all users to access internal company systems and applications remotely.

Parallels RAS is used to publish approximately 50 applications ranging from small apps such as browsers to larger resource-intensive applications like their transport and warehouse management system (Axians).

Employees enjoy the simplicity of accessing most apps via HTML5 browsers as a quicker and easier method than using the full client.

Parallels RAS supports almost all types of devices enabling Spedition Barth staff to work on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices.

The result

Beyond the initial appreciation for the cost and ease of use, the IT leaders at Spedition Barth found the technical support to be better than they experienced with Citrix.

Maintenance and upgrades are fast and straightforward. They can be completed in less than a weekend.

Spedition Barth has used Parallels RAS to lower their total cost of ownership.

The virtualization provided has reduced the need for new physical computers and extended the hardware lifecycle of those already owned.

Parallels RAS client policies have increased data security by enabling end-user control settings to be pre-defined by IT administrators.

Other features frequently used and appreciated are high availability load balancing (HALB) and Universal Printing redirection, both included and ready to be used after Parallels RAS basic installation.

Overall, Spedition Barth has found Parallels RAS to have exceeded their expectations while only half the price of their previous Citrix solution.

Parallels RAS has proved to be an outstanding return on investment, providing a stable remote application and desktop environment that is easy to install and manage.

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