"The installation program was easy and straightforward, we had Parallels RAS up and running within 15 minutes."

Rene Hansen
IT Manager

Techedge is a leading software supplier to broadcasters and media agencies, covering more than 60 markets globally. The company’s portfolio covers analysis, planning, optimization, scheduling, campaign management, reporting, as well as market and brand research tools.

The ChallengeA new application that could serve hundreds of users concurrently.

Techedge required an application publishing solution that could deliver customized television-related software to its customers. The company—which defines itself as an independent software vendor (ISV) and a managed service provider (MSP)—serves applications to various desktop devices, including Windows and Mac. They needed an application publishing solution that could serve more than 500 concurrent users.

The TestWill Parallels RAS offer cost-savings and simplicity needed to deliver applications to their customers?

Techedge explored both Citrix and Windows solutions but found them to be costly and cumbersome. Techedge sent clients a daily data set, which could cause difficulties with their client’s unique environment.

If the client had a problem with the data load, the transfer process, or their program, Techedge would need to host a remote session to walk them through troubleshooting.

The SolutionParallels RAS chosen for cost, quality, and efficiency.

After comparing the costs and benefits, the Techedge team decided to install Parallels RAS to provide a comprehensive, affordable application delivery solution to their customers.

Parallels RAS allowed the ISV/MSP company to provide seamless application delivery to Windows and Mac devices. With the Parallels RAS hosted solution, Techedge can directly log in to the same system as the client (using the same credentials) to troubleshoot and resolve support cases quickly and efficiently.

They continue to find value for their clients within each new version of Parallels RAS. Currently, they maintain over 950 concurrent users. At ten minutes per install, they can complete the onboarding process in less than a day—an install can average between 10 to 100 users.

The ResultsCost savings, simplifications, and easy implementations.

Techedge experienced many benefits after switching to Parallels RAS.

They immediately appreciated the ease of use, management, and setup. When their clients ask about the technical requirements needed to run Techedge applications, they are pleased to learn that the computational requirements are minimal because their application is hosted on Parallels RAS, which runs on a server.

Techedge achieved additional cost savings through the Parallels licensing structure.

The company also saves resources when onboarding new clients—instead of flying out to clients and walking them through the installation, Techedge can remotely install their software.

The ability to publish any native Windows application has proven invaluable for Techedge. During the quick installation and implementation, Techedge takes advantage of time-saving management wizards, which have helped the company deliver state-of-the-art, television-related software to its customers worldwide.

With the Parallels RAS high-availability solution, Techedge has the confidence it needs to securely deliver television software to its customers—without experiencing unacceptable service disruptions.

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