"Thank God we had Parallels Secure Workspace in place, it went flawless."

Water District IT Director

This client wishes to stay anonymous for compliance reasons. However, we still wanted to share their extraordinary story.

The Сhallenge

As a Parallels Secure Workspace customer since 2018, this client’s original focus was to enable secure remote access to one specific suite of HRM apps (Oracle Fusion HCM).

When the COVID19 outbreak started to hit the United States mid-March 2020, the Water District leadership decided to enable and push teleworking for all employees.

They gave the IT team two days to prepare everything.

With 75% of employees not equipped with a company laptop, and with a VPN solution in place that lacked 2FA (two-factor authentication), you’d think the odds were against them.

The IT director wasn’t too worried, though. He had been closely involved in the Parallels Secure Workspace deployment and immediately saw the unified workspace as the default solution.

He required a solution that offered more protection than the existing VPN with 2FA, that was easy and fast for his team to roll out, and that would work in a “Bring Your Own Laptop” scenario for employees working from home.

Parallels Secure Workspace ticked all those boxes.

The Test

Two days later, the existing Parallels Secure Workspace platform was scaled up and connected to 30 cloud services and remote applications, file servers, and office desktops.

Roughly 80% of the staff connects remotely to their office desktop. The roll-out was fast and ran without hiccups. It was a “surprisingly great experience”, says the IT director.

Things ran so smoothly, the Water District decided to extend the roll-out to all contractors two weeks later.

The Result

Before this implementation, the Water District was mainly relying on a VPN-based solution identified as not being secure enough. Especially in these days, there was absolutely no reason (or need) to compromise on security.

With Parallels Secure Workspace, the Water District has built-in MFA, usage auditing, granular controls, and many other security tools at their disposal.

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